January 31, 2023


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‘Tecnotree Moments’: MTN Nigeria launches multi-experienced digital platform for gaming and education

Espoo, Finland, June 1 /PRNewswire/ Tecnotree, the Finland-based global provider of digital transformation solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs), today announced the launch of its multi-experienced digital platform “Tecnotree Moments” in partnership with MTN Nigeria The multi-experience partner network aims to create lifestyle packages of content, applications, and connectivity through an integrated digital ecosystem of partners for high-demand, high-growth global, local and global industries. The platform aims at leading partners in various sectors such as education, entertainment, gaming, sports and health and wellness to take advantage of direct billing to customers in Nigeria to convert ecosystem partners into instant income streams.

Tecnotree Moments is a portal for digital services and lifestyle products that will also include esports content such as PUBG Mobile Daily, FIFA Daily, Rocket League Daily, Fortnite Monthly and Fantasy Football. The range also includes the most played games in Africa, with new games added regularly. With its dynamic ecosystem partners, the platform is well positioned to accommodate the worldwide convergence of educational content and games that enhance social and emotional learning, which is essential for personal and adaptive experiences.

This collaboration between Tecnotree Moments and MTN Nigeria is a game-changer in realizing the full potential of Nigerians across the country and creating an inclusive society that is vital in advancing national development. Moments contains the complete Nigerian secondary education curriculum in the form of interactive, immersive content and live courses. Additionally, to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving digital economy, the MTN-Moments partnership will aim to offer a Massive Open Online (MOOC) curriculum for career development and continuing education that encourages the acquisition of “soft skills” and technical skills that are facilitated. Given the skills and local professionals in the country, the platform will be rolled out in Nigeria first, and these services will later be rolled out to other MTN companies in Africa.

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“MTN is always looking for partnerships to build platforms that deliver outstanding service to our customers. We are always interested in providing the best digital content to our customers. This partnership with Tecnotree underscores this commitment. The platform will provide high quality content that enhances education and entertainment for our customers.”

Padma Ravicander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation, stated, “Our vision is to empower digitally connected communities, narrow the digital divide, and create digital inclusion for diverse communities in Nigeria. We are very excited to partner with MTN Nigeria to launch our Tecnotree Moments platform, which will empower Nigerians of delivering truly digital services and products through our global partners. MTN’s commitment to making Africa a truly digital economy is a huge goal and Tecnotree is proud to participate as a digital partner.”

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Tel: +97156414 1420; Or write to us in moments@tecnotree.com

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