August 19, 2022


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02 May 2022

Interpera 2022 will bring together the international pear segment from June 28-30. In addition to the day of the Interpera conference, the organizers have prepared pear technology visits Not to be missed! During the two technical days on June 28 and 30, visitors will be introduced to Dutch pear cultivation.

Interpera Photo © DPA / AREFLH
Photo © DPA / AREFLH

The program is a combination of knowledge exchange, company visits, and demonstrations of new farming techniques.

Pear Harvest 2021: Lowest Amounts During the Last Twenty Years

In 2021, the pear harvest in the European Union was a quarter lower than it was in 2020 due to late spring frosts. For example, pear growers harvested 1.7 billion kilograms. This was the smallest amount in the past 20 years. In Italy, the most important producer of pears in the European Union, the 2021 crop fell sharply. And the Italians picked up only 200 million kilograms, while the average in the past ten years was almost 700 million kilograms. What are the harvest forecasts for 2022? The first clues will be presented at Interpera.

Tickets are now available online

Would you like to know all about pear cultivation in Holland and Europe? Visit Interpera 2022!

You can buy your tickets at Where prices are listed for all the various activities of Congress.
FULL PROGRAM: More information about the Interpera conference, technical visits on June 28-30 and conference day on June 29 are It can be found on the site.


Source: DPA / AREFLH

Release date: 02/05/2022