October 24, 2021


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Technology ‘cool and disturbing at the same time’

The “Memento” star, who starred alongside Matilda Lutz and Travis Fimmel in the film, said, “All the evolution of technology and where we’re going, and this fast-paced demand from very smart people who are inventing technology, that making copies of ourselves is amazing and troubling to the And the idea that these robots, these robots, are going to become more human than us or more than us, or are they going to be human at all? That’s cool too.”

Jay admits that making the film made him question some serious questions about technology’s growing influence. He told Sky News, “Where does humanity really come from? Where does it sit? Is it injected into us as humans, or is there the same amount of humanity in a chicken, but only because it doesn’t talk we don’t talk you know. And so we can get it as a robot, the idea was The whole thing about our identity and psychology in this kind of environment is really cool.”

However, Jay admitted that he was not very good at technology. If Siri accidentally turns on, I’ll immediately say, ‘No, turn it off, I don’t need your help, go away! “I’m not very tech savvy, I’m more of an older person than that,” Pierce says.

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