February 2, 2023


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Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber and Streamer dies of cancer at the age of 23

Technoblade, Minecraft YouTuber and Streamer dies of cancer at the age of 23

After a long battle with cancer, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away today. He was 23 years old. His family confirmed his death in an emotional farewell video posted on his behalf. The title of the video was “So Long Nerds”.

In his latest video, he revealed his name as Alex and his father recited a farewell message he had written to his followers. He continued, “Thank you all for your support of my content over the years.” “If I had hundreds of more lives, I think I would choose to come back to Technoblade again every time because those were the happiest years of my life,” the letter read.

With more than 10 million followers on Youtube, Technoblade became famous by streaming and posting videos of him playing a sandbox video game.

Technoblade’s father released his latest video on July 1, 2022

In August 2021, Technoblade revealed that he had cancer. In a fundraising video posted in February, he explained that he had undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a limb-saving surgery after developing a painful tumor in his right arm.

The video concludes with a message from the Technoblade family.

Technoblade has kept his personal life under wraps and little is known about him apart from his online avatar which was a picture of a crested pig.

YouTubers like J Schlattt, Captain Puffy aka Cara, Tommy Innit, Ludwig Ahgren, Quackity and Jake Lucky have honored him.

Technoblade’s father thanked his fans in his farewell video and conveyed that a portion of the proceeds from online orders for his late son’s merchandise will now go to charity.

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The video concluded with a written statement from his family: “Since Technoblade’s early days online, he has always been creating strategies to delight and reward his fans – giving out prizes online, encouraging good sportsmanship, and most of all sharing his adventures in Minecraft to entertain and laugh. Even after his successes at the end Eventually, he somehow manages to maintain his gentle modesty, competing with an endearing balance between confidence and self-deprecating intelligence.”