May 17, 2022


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Tech startups continue to grow: has successfully completed its second round of funding, GmbH, press release

Tech startup has completed its second round of funding with well-known investors. A total amount has been raised in the seven-figure range, fueling the company’s continued growth. would like to use the funds raised to invest in the further development of artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to help entrepreneurs to be able to make better decisions at the stage of contract negotiation based on data.

With the conclusion, a young company LegalTech from southern Germany joins several successful funding announcements in the field of contract process automation: in Germany and abroad, the amount of funding in this field has already increased to more than 30 million USD in the first few months of the new year.

Alexander Baron, founder and general manager of GmbH, said: “We are delighted with the commitment of renowned investors, who all share our vision of digital contract operations beyond electronic signature. The current round of funding gives us the opportunity to further establish as a safe and convenient tool for contract negotiation and drafting. In this way we lay the foundation for more valuable relationships between contracting parties and among stakeholders within the company.”

A new start for contracting

The Munich-based company’s program aims to put an end to inefficient contract processes, redundant coordination rounds, complex legal language and differences between the legal department and sales in the German contract business.

Many medium-sized companies and software houses already trust Your goal is to align proposal and contract forms and enable salespeople to create contracts without the involvement of the legal department and long waiting times. Thomas Falk, Technology Investor and Former CEO of CANCOM SE confirms: “I am completely convinced of the higher legal program. During my many years of experience, I have frequently noticed the problem of inconsistency in contracts, and often the delays associated with completing client orders have had a negative impact on the outcome. I am happy Because is finally solving this problem.”

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Accelerate personal contracting processes

With its software it not only facilitates complex coordination during contract negotiations. The company also paves the way for the various contracting parties to achieve better negotiation results and secure digital deals: all operations take place in cloud environments on German servers.

In addition, the company, mainly staffed by software engineers, has set itself the goal of bringing more direct contact and personal interaction into contracts. For this purpose, the information accompanying the distributed product may be incorporated into the respective documents at any time – for example via personal videos or explanations.

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