December 7, 2023


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Taylor Swift ‘Sunday Night Football’ Promo – Watch – Deadline

Taylor Swift ‘Sunday Night Football’ Promo – Watch – Deadline

Having conquered the world of music, and about to conquer the world of cinema and prove that she is one of the most powerful economic and cultural forces of this era, Taylor Swift is lending some of her star power to the NFL and NBC.

Swift’s 2014 song “Welcome to New York” provides the soundtrack for the new song The promo for the league and network just dropped this morning. A marketer’s dream, a 30-second clip titled “Taylor Made for Sunday Night” is bookended with scenes from Swift’s current boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, as well as crowded fields and tackles — as you can see:

Just as she was prominent in Kelce and the Chiefs’ 41-10 Chicago Bears win on Sept. 24, Swift is expected to attend this weekend’s primetime game in the Big Apple between the host New York Jets and Kansas City. While praying for an end to the rain that drenched parts of New York, NBC was no doubt hoping to see Fox’s ratings spike last week, so expect to see cameras frequently cut to Swift and her surprised, well-polished face throughout the game.

the Snf The promotion comes after Swift declined a request from Murdoch-owned Fox Sports to use her music in its Sept. 24 NFL coverage. “We knew right away that this broadcast would be less about coverage of the game and more about any photos we took of the pop star in attendance,” Fox NFL lead producer Richie Ziontz wrote earlier this week online about whispers of Swift appearing at the Chiefs/Bears game.

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“Earlier in the week, amid a torrent of rumours, our associate producer Rich Gross sought permission to use some of Swift’s music,” he added. “Not a chance. According to FOX’s music department, Swift’s record label and publishing company declined our request “in conjunction with speculation about her private/personal/dating life.”

Of course, no one knows how to market a new product like Taylor Swift, blatantly or not. I mean, the multiple Grammy winner isn’t the first woman to have two albums certified diamond (2008). fearless) and a song (“Shake It Off”) for nothing

Although the singer is a benefit for the NFL and NBC, don’t think for a second that Swift isn’t as eager to capture the attention of football fans and their families as she is. Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages The concert film arrives in 7,500 cinemas globally on October 13. Distributed by AMC following Swift’s massively successful run, Eras looks set to have an eye-popping $100 million opening.

Or as Swift sings in “Welcome to New York”: “The lights are so bright, but they never blind me.”

See you on Sunday Swifties.