July 5, 2022


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Tarkov Airdrop Event Escape: Has Pre-Scanning Started?

It’s raining down in Tarkov! Is Battlestate Games Finally Foreshadowing Wipe Out? Source: Battlestate Games

The loud calls for the next escape from the Tarkov Wipe do not stop. No wonder, because the nearly six-month target trend has now been exceeded from one survey to the next. On December 12, 2021, the current Battlestate Games “season” of hardcore shooting began.

Although there have been some announcements recently regarding the standalone Escape version of Tarkov Arena as well as the upcoming changes that will be implemented with the next patch, the developers remain silent about the exact time of the scan that will accompany it.

It’s raining airdrops!

But this Monday, June 20, 2022, there’s finally news. About recently published Twitter image BSG, usually vaguely, announced a new and immediately active in-game event. Radar can be seen in the aforementioned image, which in turn shows several aircraft. One of them is marked “IL-76MD-90A”. IL-76 is the name of the aircraft that drops the airdrop over the maps at Escape from Tarkov.

The amount of these airdrops is currently being greatly increased. In particular on the Customs map, it is said that airdrops are raining more and more from the sky at the moment – even at the start of a new raid. However, many users have already reported an increased drop in other maps, such as Woods or Reserve.

For you, that means more loot in general, but also a lot of players targeting precisely those people who want to loot supply chests. However, the real effect of increased declines is an effect on the in-game economy, so that prices for inflationary products fall in the long run.

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Battlestate Games played with the economy for a while before the wipes, until at some point it was theoretically on the verge of collapse – then the big reset takes place and a new wipe starts. We’re not quite that far yet, but several airdrops should be first harbingers of upcoming events and eventually erasing the data.

“Ready to scan?”

We can see from another tweet by studio head Nikita Boyanov that the event does indeed bode well for the survey. He tweeted the simple question “Ready to scan?” I am attaching a drawn photo of a cartoon character wearing an EfT helmet and a Tarkov compression jacket. The figure also holds a Game Boy-like console with “Escape from Tarkov” written on it. See for yourself:

Escape from Tarkov is ready to clear art
Can you spot the scanning tip in this image? Source: Nikita Boyanov / @nikgeneburn on Twitter

Can you spot evidence hidden in the image that tells us more about possible events or even a specific survey history? As we know, Battlestate Games loves to play with hidden clues for upcoming events. For example, others are already counting the number of planes seen on radar in the cover photo… that would be 16. But what could that mean?

Let us know your thoughts and any clues you found in the comments! When does the survey come? Is airdrop just the beginning?