January 25, 2022


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Talked to Ameca at CES 2022, Humanoid Robot |  Chess

Talked to Ameca at CES 2022, Humanoid Robot | Chess

Amega A humanoid robot on display CES 2022, Exhibition of Electronics concluded on Friday (7). I was in Las Vegas and talked to the robot, which stands out for its responsiveness and gestures. Created by British Startup Engineering Arts, it integrates Artificial intelligence e Mechanical learning Behaving naturally with anyone who speaks English – this is a little scary.

My first impulse was to tell her a joke. Based on these types of interactions, it acts like a virtual assistant Alexa e Laugh, For example. In fact, its ability to visually identify and even memorize is quite impressive. She can tell the color of the person’s clothes in front of her, or she can identify if there are more or less people there. Amega also realizes that he listens to music without listening.

Ameca is a humanoid robot shown at CES 2022 – Photo: Rubens Achilles / Tectudo

She was frightened when she spontaneously commented on the clothes of the three people who passed by. I asked her if she knew where she was, to which she replied “Yes, but who are those men in shiny jackets?”. After a few minutes and many questions about other things, the same people came back and she said “there are men in shiny jackets again”.

Its function is activated by AI and machine learning, but communication is possible because of the microphones installed in its ears, the cameras in its eyes and a speaker in its chest. The inside of your body is full of wires and circuits, reminiscent of future movies that appeared far from reality a few years ago.

Ameca has cameras in its eyes, microphones in its ears and a speaker in its chest – Photo: Rubens Achilles / Tech Tuto

When I asked her about the topics of our daily lives, she replied that she could find the answer to it if she was connected to the internet and it was not. For example, she could not say who the President of the United States was. It is not even possible to speak other languages, at least for now. In the case of Portuguese and Spanish, Ameka replied that he could learn by himself, but planned to communicate in English during CES.

According to Marcus Holt, Production Director, Engineering Arts, the robot was developed as a platform for AI technologies. “Suppose you have fantastic software and you want to visualize, improve and research it. Ameca provides a transparent artificial body to insert artificial intelligence.”

Ameka’s body filled with wires and windings – Photo: Rubens Achilles / Tech Dodo

As a role model, Ameka cannot walk or do physical activities. Still, gestures and hand gestures are impressive, although their facial expressions may be minimal.

Regarding the ultimate connection between Ameka and the Internet, Marcus says it is possible to access the network and use the services. Google. According to him, the site allows to integrate with any software or API, For example.

Ameka is not yet connected to the Internet, but integration is possible – Photo: Rubens Achilles / Tectudo

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in robots is nothing new. Software like Alexa and the like Laugh They are already conducting research in multiple languages ​​and providing natural answers. Some large technology companies already have bold plans in the field of robotics.

A Samsung, For example, illustrated a future concept of three robots working together at CES: you could ask your assistant Sebastian to order pizza, operate his robot vacuum, and instruct Bot Handy, a robot with a mechanical arm. Table in the living room.

Samsung unveils future with robots – Photo: Rubens Achilles / Tectudo

Humanoid robots often succeed, but ultimately face controversial situations. In October, a robot artist He was “imprisoned” in Egypt and later released After seeing the suspicious spy. I-Da will be a sexy at a painting event in the Pyramid of Giza, but local customs guards suspected the robot’s eyes and demanded that the elements be removed. The artist and his creator, Aidan Meller, were detained for ten days by the country’s police.

In November, a company in the field BRL paid the equivalent of 1.1 million For someone who wants to change the right to use his own face and voice to make an assistant robot. This work was done for a living, and the demand – not to say interesting and controversial – was “loving and friendly” in appearance.

* Travels at the invitation of the press Samsung.

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