March 21, 2023


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Take your gaming performance to the next level with AMD Raphael X3D processors and GIGABYTE motherboards

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards, graphics cards and hardware solutions, announces that GIGABYTE X670 / B650 motherboards provide optimal support for AMD Raphael X3D processors with 3D V-Cache technology through their advanced configuration. This combination enables a significant performance increase for the ultimate gaming systems.

AMD first introduced its 3D V-CacheTM technology in 2022 with its RyzenTM 7 5800X3D processors, which are among the best gaming CPUs out there. AMD is now bringing 3D V-CacheTM to Zen4, so the AMD RyzenTM 9 7950X3D, RyzenTM 9 7900X3D and upcoming RyzenTM 7 7800X3D processors can deliver superior gaming performance. The new generation of 3D V-Cache CPUs has more cores and up to 128MB L3 cache. Thanks to the 64MB 3D V-Cache, the performance is significantly improved.

As one of the leading motherboard manufacturers, GIGABYTE works closely with AMD to prepare hardware and firmware for new processors early in the development phase. In addition, GIGABYTE and AMD developers are collaborating to validate the latest AMD BIOS AGESA code to provide faster updated BIOS versions and drivers for X670 and B650 motherboards. Thus, users can take full advantage of the new processors and enjoy the best gaming experience with superior performance by simply downloading and installing the new BIOS update from the official GIGABYTE website.

New BIOS versions and current drivers for GIGABYTE X670 and B650 motherboards are available on the official website and enable optimal support for AMD RyzenTM 9 7950X3D, RyzenTM 9 7900X3D and upcoming RyzenTM 7 7800X3D processors. Users can update the BIOS through the usual methods such as @BIOS and Q-Flash, or use Q-Flash Plus to update without installing any processor, memory or graphics card.

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