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Tactical – cover pedal play areas

In Padel, it is important to know how to position yourself in order to give your opponents the fewest possible odds. It’s impossible to avoid all eventualities, but we’ll see how to position yourself to cover the majority of play areas.

In the network

If the ball (with the opponents) is in front of the player on the right, he is positioning himself to cover the parallel. His colleague comes to close the center. And vice versa if the ball is in front of the left player (against the right opponent).

The moment when players have to change their position (from center coverage to center for parallel) is Dangerous situation.

In fact, it is not recommended to fundamentally change the meaning of the game tactically. On the field, during competitions or entertainment games, we often see a player scolding a teammate for being out of place. However, the mistake often comes from himself who changed the game and thus put his partner in danger.

At the bottom of the field

You will give a large angle (and thus a beneficial position to your opponent) by playing a low ball on either side of the field (towards the gates). Conversely, you will give a little angle by playing in the middle of the field.

Conversely, for players positioned in the back, you will have a greater angle on the ball in the center than if you were trapped in your corner against the glass.

some advices

When you have a ball that’s fairly easy in defense, the ball is the best shot. It will allow you to restore the grid and find a suitable center for scoring the point. exactly the contrary, If the ball is too complex, try playing it centered at your opponents’ feet or in a loud volley.. Vary the speed of your strokes to try to surprise her.

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Generally speaking, other than when you have a really easy ball, Avoid completely changing the playing area. In fact, it is advisable to pass through the center first before playing on the other side.

In the case of the Australian serve, when you send behind your partner, instead, T. plays. In fact, if you play the window (and especially if you can’t touch it), your opponent has a chance. To do a parallel pass. And picked up the network immediately.

Source : Al-Badel area

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