September 16, 2021


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Taboola brings Doubleverify technology to the original platform – ADZINE

“Many advertisers today need a different approach to brand security, and our reach, combined with Doubleverify’s strength to offer different levels of security and convenience standards within different categories, is uniquely valuable,” said Adam Singulda, CEO and founder of Taboola. Partnership. “With consumers changing their perceptions of online advertising and spending on online advertising increasing over the past year, advertisers deserve the reassurance that their ads will be shown alongside their favorite content,” Singolda added.

Doubleverify, founded in New York in 2008, offers products to ensure quality and brand integrity in digital advertising. This means ad viewability, environmental transparency, brand security, and fraud avoidance. Company pre-bid slides for brand integrity and relevance are now available directly in the Taboola Ads console for planning and executing campaigns in the global Taboola network.

Mark Zagorsky, CEO of Doubleverify, is excited about the partnership with Taboola: “Doubleverify’s Brand Integrity and Relevancy solution supports brands in aligning their advertising funds with appropriate content and thus improving the performance of their campaigns. By expanding easy access to our solutions to the Taboola platform, we are helping brands Global brands are building trust in their ad placements and achieving much greater efficiency in contextual content.”

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