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'System Shock' Last year's SF movement will be revived by the loving hands of remake experts[gamescom 2022]|  Famitsu.com for the latest information on gaming and entertainment

‘System Shock’ Last year’s SF movement will be revived by the loving hands of remake experts[gamescom 2022]| Famitsu.com for the latest information on gaming and entertainment

Gamescom 2022, Europe’s largest gaming event, will take place from August 24-28, 2022 (local time) at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany.

Lined up as PLAION’s Prime Matter Company’s titlesystem shockIt is a remake of the same title released in 1994. FPS is set in an abandoned space station in the year 2072, a work that has gained popularity due to the gameplay and vision of the sci-fi world.

It is developed by Nightdive Studios, which has an office in Vancouver, Washington, USA. “Our mission is to restore classic computer games from the past so that a new generation of gamers can enjoy them.”agony 64“or”prick』『Shadow Man RemasteredThe company, which has worked on projects such as “Kickstarter”, is now developing the “System Shock”.

Version of Systemshock_Screenshot_2022.07.28 _-_

In the new version, not only the gameplay has been renewed, but also the visuals, operability, interface, sound, etc. By working closely with the members who developed the original, they are said to be building a new era of “System Shock”.

The new version of “System Shock,” which was first shown as playable at Gamescom 2022, asked Larry Cooperman, Business Development Division at Nightdive Studios, about the appeal of the business.

One of our favorite titles we worked on

Copy of DSC_0040

Mr. Larry Cooperman

Nightdive Studios DIR Business Development

―― Please tell us about the allure of System Shock again.

gatheringThis action is a game in which a hacker is blackmailed into removing the moral restrictions imposed on the artificial intelligence that runs the space station. When he deletes it, something unintended happens. One of the most iconic villains in video game history, AI SHODAN, takes over a space station and turns the crew into all-turn-mutant killing machines of mutants and cyborgs. The unknown hacker must use his wits, tools, and weapons he finds to defeat Shodan, stop the destruction of the world, and the corruption of those left behind. In the end, the point is that technology turns violent and poses a danger to humanity.

Copy of Systemshock_Screenshot_2022.07.28 _-_

―― What kind of person would you like to have fun with?

gatheringFirst, fans of classic games who played the original game. And those who didn’t get the chance to play the classic game because it was very challenging. And I think a whole new demographic of people who don’t know the wonders of classic games will enjoy it.

One of the things that made me happy about gamescom this time is that people watched the game and started playing it without a tutorial, but quickly figured out how to play. They immediately understand the console operation, inventory system, and the purpose of the game.

This game is really sci-fi and if you like sci-fi I think you will enjoy the cyberspace part. In order to finally defeat Shodan, you need to open a partition and go into cyberspace.

Also, I think the players will really enjoy the first medical level. All game elements are presented here and you can get acquainted with the main characters.

Version of Systemshock_Screenshot_2022.07.28 _-_

―― What is your favorite view of this work?

gatheringI still enjoy the medical level. We spent a lot of time creating this level to get the look and feel we were aiming for. It will be your hub to display all the controls.

―― How do you feel about the new release?

gatheringI was very lucky to get the original source code for this game. One of the levels was in the middle of development and never finished, so we followed in the footsteps of the original developer and were able to include the missing level without incident. I am proud to say that this has become a work of art.

―― It sounds like you’ve worked on a lot of games, but what is the “System Shock” website?

gatheringThis title is one of our favorite titles we’ve worked on. We put a lot of energy and effort into making a title that delivers what fans have come to expect from a perfect rework of a classic game.

―― Finally, please send a message to Japanese fans who are interested in this work.

gatheringSystem Shock will be released when we feel the game has been completely polished. I think it’s a game that all fans around the world can really enjoy. This work is one of the Nightdive Studios titles introduced to Japan, and I would like you to know more about Nightdive Studios.

Version of Systemshock_Screenshot_2022.07.28 _-_

System Shock is slated to release in 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

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