November 27, 2022


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SWR2 Worth a Read Journal with Correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch - SWR2

SWR2 Worth a Read Journal with Correspondence between Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch – SWR2

Editing and Moderation: Lukas Meyer-Blankenburg
With correspondence by Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch, plus books by Cormac McCarthy, Bob Dylan, Sebastian Sones, and Jacob Krase

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Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch were a legendary couple in German literature. Your correspondence now appearing “we didn’t do it well” is literary sense and gives insight.

American writer Cormac McCarthy took a long time to write two new novels, but now things are happening even faster: after “The Passenger” came out, so did “Stella Maris.” This doesn’t make things any clearer.

Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan also took his time to write. In Philosophy of Modern Songs, he introduces us to his favorite songs—in the usual quirky, yet easy-to-read way.

At the start of the World Cup, Sebastian Sons provided background information on Arab football and German double standards with “Human Rights Cannot Be Bought” and Jacob Kreis with “Sheikhs’ Game Ball”.

Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch – We didn’t do very well
Suhrkamp Verlag, 1,039 pages, €40
ISBN 978-3-518-43069-9
Review by Wolfgang Schneider

Cormac McCarthy – Stella Maris
Translated from the English by Dirk van Gunsteren
Rowohlt Verlag, 240 pages, €24
ISBN 978-3-498-00336-4
Conversation with Frank Hertwick

Bob Dylan – Philosophy of Modern Song
Translated from the English by Connie Loach
CH Beck Verlag, 352 pages, 35 euros
ISBN 978-3-40679-284-7
Bernd Lechler review

At the start of the FIFA World Cup
Sons of Sebastian – Human rights cannot be bought
Atrium Verlag, 128 pages, €9
ISBN 978-3-85535-140-4
Jacob Krase – Plaything for the Elders
Werkstatt Verlag, 256 pages, €19.90
ISBN 9783730705636
Conversation with Ronnie Blaschke

Aretha Franklin – I say a little prayer
Label: unicorn
Rio Racer – Forever and you
Label: favorite song
Patti Smith- Gloria
Label: Ministry of Sound
Bob Dylan – Heavy Rain’s Gonna Fall
Rating: International
Manu Chao – La Vida Tombola
Label: WEA International

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