July 25, 2024


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SWR2 Magazine is well worth reading, including Lauren Groff’s new book – SWR2

SWR2 Magazine is well worth reading, including Lauren Groff’s new book – SWR2

With books by José F. A. Oliver, Inger Maria Malek, Søren Ulrike Thomsen, Thilo Dieffenbach, John Updike, and Lauren Groff

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Andalusian Alemanni: José F. A. Oliver talks about the linguistic wealth of the central Kinzig Valley in his articles “A Sea Flows to Every River.”

In “Ours” Inger Maria Malke takes us to Lübeck in the late nineteenth century. A novel with a Thomas Mann lookalike.

The most important place to stay in life: For the poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen, it was “Store Kongensgade 23” in Copenhagen. Home visit.

Taiwan Translation – Thilo Dieffenbach has been awarded the 2023 Stuttgart Johann Friedrich von Cotta Translation Prize for his anthology “Between Sky and Sea.”

Korean author Cheon Myung-kwan rereads the novel “Rabbit, Run” by John Updike.

A servant girl escapes from the fort into the forest. Lauren Groff continues her literary trilogy with Wide Wilderness.

José F. Oliver – Every river has an ocean in which it flows. Articles
Matisse & Seitz, 124 pages, 22 euros
ISBN 978-3-7518-0950-4
Conversation with author José Oliver and reading

Inger Maria Malika – US
Rowholt Publishing House, 496 pages, €26
ISBN 978-3-498-00181-0
Review by Carsten Otte

Søren Ulrike Thomsen – Shop Kongensgade 23
Translated from the Danish by Hans Langendörfer
Suhrkamp Publishing, 126 pages, 20 euros
ISBN 978-3-518-22552-3
Reported by Eva Karnovsky

Taiwan translation – Thilo Dieffenbach receives
Johann Friedrich von Cotta Translation Prize 2023

A conversation with translator Thilo Dieffenbach
Thilo Dieffenbach (editor) – Between Sky and Sea
An Anthology of Taiwanese Literature
Iudicium Verlag, 548 pages, €48
ISBN 978-3-86205-559-3

John Updike – “Rabbit, run”
Translated from English by Maria Carlson
Rowholt Publishing House, 320 pages, 14 euros
ISBN 978-3-499-15398-3
Recommended reading from Cheon Myung-kwan

Loren Grove – Vast Wilderness
Translated from English by Stephanie Jacobs
Classen Publishing, 288 pages, 25 euros
ISBN 9783546100359
Review by Sonia Hartl

Mini Orchestra in the Garden – Songs about the Sun
Mark: 6:5

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