February 8, 2023


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SWR2 Magazine is a worth-read including the new book by Bret Easton Ellis – SWR2

New books by Bret Easton Ellis, Michael Colmier, Peter Stamm, and Christmas

It got really scary in this read magazine. Bret Easton Ellis is back – and how! 32 years after “American Psycho,” he presents a fantastic new shocker: “The Shards” returns to Ellis’ youth and is a real ride!

Michael Colmeyer’s new novel reads in a similarly chilling fashion: in it, a fourteen-year-old boy embarks on a road trip full of crazy twists and turns with his grandfather, who has just been released from prison.

The fascinating interplay of fantasy and reality drives Peter Stamm in his new novel In A Dark Blue Hour.

Twenty years of the finest contemporary German poetry: we talk to Daniela Sell, founder of the small and large miracle publishing kookbook, who is on hard times.

He spent four years in prison in China for a critical poem: Today the author Liao Yiwu lives in Berlin – and continues to criticize, especially regimes for abuse of power. This week he gave his future Stuttgart speech, we’ve been there.

We also congratulate the last artist of German literature: Wilhelm Genazino would have turned 80 on January 22nd. His work diary, The Observer’s Dream, was published on the occasion.

We remember a classic now published in a new translation: Hunger by Norwegian Nobel Prize winner Knut Hamsun.

Bret Easton Ellis – The Shrapnel
Translated from the English by Stefan Kleiner
Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag, 736 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-462-00482-3
Review by Christoph Schroeder

20 Years of Kookbooks – It’s Not Easy
Conversation with the founder of the publishing house Daniela Seal

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Michael Quilmire Frankie
Hanser Verlag, 208 pages, €24
ISBN 978-3-446-27618-5
Carsten Otte review

“I don’t need power from anywhere. I just need a pen.”
Future Stuttgart speech of Liao Yiwu
original sound

Wilhelm Genazino on his 80th birthday
Wilhelm Genazino – Dream Watcher
Edited with a final word by Jan Burger and Friedhelm Marx
Hanser Verlag, 464 pages, 34 euros
ISBN 978-3-446-27620-8
Ulrich Rüdenauer review

Peter Stamm – In a dark blue watch
S. Fischer Verlag, 256 pages, 24 €
ISBN 978-3-10-397128-6
Review by Wolfgang Schneider

Knut Hamsun – Hungry
Translated from the Norwegian by Ulrich Sonnenberg, with an afterword by Felicitas Hoppe
Manesse Verlag, 256 pages, €25
ISBN 978-3-7175-2560-8
Reading tip from Alexander Wassner

Saint-Germain – Tourist
Label: EMI
Call Clash London
Label: CBS