February 28, 2024


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Sustainability through technology: What will define life in the future?

Smart home solutions as well as energy-efficient and sustainably produced home appliances can help lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Technological innovations therefore contribute greatly to environmentally friendly living.

Image: Pixabay/PixAline

Image: Pixabay/PixAline

Eco-living – these technologies make it possible

According to the Federal Environment Agency, environmental awareness is increasing among the population. One of the main reasons for this is the looming climate crisis, which is already becoming visible and noticeable. More and more people are dealing with this Sustainability issue And we want to do more to treat the planet in an environmentally friendly way. This can be done in different ways. Important keywords are conscious consumption or reducing air travel. Living space design also provides a number of starting points for a more sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, the integration of smart home systems, the use of renewable energy sources, or the use of energy-efficient appliances will become increasingly important in the future.

Implement more sustainability into your home

There are many ways to make your living space more sustainable. This starts with choosing materials. If it comes from Europe and doesn't have to be delivered from Asia, that saves a lot of CO2 in transit alone. It also makes sense to rely on high-quality furniture and high-quality home textiles so that you do not have to buy new furniture every few years. Some people are turning completely to second-hand goods and hope to reduce their environmental footprint this way. All of these measures can contribute to a more sustainable home. In addition, the potential of modern technology should not be underestimated.

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Connected smart home

In a smart home, residents can leave control of roller blinds, heating or lighting to a smart system. For example, it uses sensors to determine whether the sun is shining on a window and whether or not curtains or blinds should be lowered. This makes it easier to avoid the heat in the summer, which in turn means less air conditioning use. Heating can also be operated in an energy-efficient manner using smart thermostats. They measure the temperature in the room and adjust the heating output. There is also the possibility of automatically turning off the heating when the windows are open.

Use of renewable energy sources

Saving electricity can significantly reduce an individual's environmental footprint. In addition, it makes sense to switch to renewable energies wherever possible. This can be achieved, for example, using a heat pump or a photovoltaic system on the roof. It is even easier and faster to implement Small balcony power station. This is suitable even for city apartments.

Use economical devices

Water is one of the most important resources On our planet, because without it we cannot survive. Modern faucets with water saving functions and sensor technology ensure that water only flows when someone is using it. You can also save money by using the washing machine's economy mode. Although it does use less water, it requires much less electricity.

Sustainable kitchen tools

When choosing modern kitchen appliances, energy efficiency isn't the only thing that matters. The materials used, production and longevity also play an important role. Unfortunately, it's not always easy for consumers to know if this is the case Sustainable kitchen tools Actions. The leaders in this field are the manufacturers Smeg and AEG. They are known for their high-quality, vintage-looking appliances. Their top-notch quality makes them reliable and often long-lasting companions. Smeg is constantly striving to reduce its energy consumption for production purposes or obtain it from renewable sources. The company also wants to help shape a more sustainable world through its involvement in several local environmental projects. The manufacturer's wide range includes high-quality refrigerators, ovens and washing machines, as well as smaller kitchen appliances such as hand blenders or food processors.

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There are also many other devices that can be used to reduce energy consumption at home. This primarily includes kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator or oven. An important indicator of energy efficiency is the EU energy label. The better the device is rated, the less power it will consume. Of course, the overall relationship must always be considered. A large refrigerator will likely consume more in absolute terms than a small appliance.