August 15, 2022


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Summer of Gaming 2022: a snapshot of all dates, events and schedules

Show 505 games (May 17, 2022, 3:00 pm) | flow)

505 invites you to the digital show and we may see new things about games from Remedy or even Payday 3.

OG unwrapped (May 19, 2022, 5 p.m.) | flow)

Outright Games and Bandai Namco announced this broadcast in May. The show is set to reveal which game titles will be released over the next 12 months. Also, there is a first look at Star Trek: Miracle – Supernovawhich has already been ridiculed.

Indy Live Expo 2022 (21-22 May 2022) | flow)

The event will be held for two days with a focus on independent games. Day one will be about games that have already been announced, and Sunday will be all about new announcements.

star wars celebration26-29 May 2022) | to be announced)

Honoring the franchise returns this year in Anaheim, USA. In addition to all kinds of cosplay, maniacal exchanges, and many small activities, you can also rely on game news or even advertisements. In some places, for example, it is loud Serious: Fallen Thing 2 believed.

State of Play (June 2 at 11:59 p.m. | flow)

Sony invites you to their event before the Summer Games Festival: LIVE. Above all, there should be announcements about upcoming PSVR2 and third-party games.

Netflix Geeked Week (June 6 – June 10 | flow)

Netflix will be hosting Geeked Week again this year and promises plenty of news, trailers, and of course, games. More information can be found here.

Summer Games Festival: LIVE (June 9, 8 p.m. | flow)

Geoff Keighley is also inviting you to the big show in 2022 with all kinds of trailers, live shows and definitely with a world premiere.

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Tribeca Festival: Games Anthology (October. June, 9 p.m. | flow)

The selection of games at the Tribeca Festival in June promises a small but impressive selection of games. Embedded and can run up to: A Plague’s Tale: Requiem And the Cuphead – delicious last course.

Wholesome Direct (June 11, 6:30 p.m. | flow)

Wholesome Direct has become a guarantee of indie games of a special kind in recent years. This year too, the intense live broadcast in June is supposed to guarantee fun vibes. Among the games you should definitely coffee talkAnd the The puffballs And the Moomins condition.

Show future games (12. June | flow)

Games Radar will start its own broadcast with all kinds of news on June 12th.

PC Game Show (12. June, 10:30 p.m. | flow)

Especially for PC gamers, the PC game show is already a true classic in the streaming jungle around June – definitely worth a look for PC fans.

Xbox and Bethesda Games Gallery (12. June, 7 p.m. | flow)

Microsoft is hosting the big Xbox show with Bethesda. Expect news too starfield And Co. can also expect one Gamepass surprise or the other.

Capcom Gallery (14. June, midnight | flow)

Capcom will provide updates on previously announced games at its digital event.

Digital event “10 Years of Dragon’s Dogma” (17. June, midnight | flow)

This digital event is all about Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma.

THQ Nordic Offer (12 .). August 9 pm | flow)

THQ is planning several new announcements for the event, covering both the many licenses the company holds and the original games.

Opening Night Live (23. August 8 pm | flow)

Geoff Keighley will be back in Cologne and surely opening the trade fair week right again. Internally, we’re already betting on how many world premieres he’ll bring to gamescom this time around.

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