January 25, 2022


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Submarines: Australia questions ‘capabilities of French submarines’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday he had raised the possibility of Australia canceling the French submarine order during talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in June.

The France He stated that he was not aware of the structureAustralia To abandon a contract worth several tens of billions of dollars it had signed with France, and to equip itself with American nuclear submarines.
On Thursday, Australia said it was abandoning the agreement reached with the French group Naval Group to build a fleet of conventional submarines and that it will instead build at least eight nuclear-powered submarines using American and British technology.
“It’s really (…) a kick in the back”He said this Thursday Jean-Yves Le Drian France info. “We have established a relationship of trust with Australia, that trust is being betrayed.”
On Thursday, Scott Morrison said France had been informed of Australia’s decision, a statement France denied.

“I was very clear”

The Australian prime minister, Friday, acknowledged the damage to relations between Australia and France, but reiterated that he told Emmanuel Macron in June that Australia had adjusted its position on the agreement and that it could be raised for another decision.
“I was very clear, we had a long dinner in Paris, about our concerns about the capabilities of conventional submarines to deal with the new strategic environment we face.”Scott Morrison said on Radio 5aa.
“I have made very clear that this is an issue that Australia had to decide in its national interest.”, he added.
This US-Australian alliance at the expense of France constitutes in Paris an additional element of mistrust towards the United States by Joe Biden, while the American president is trying to rally his support in Asia and the Pacific in order to counter the influence of the United States. China.

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