Do you still remember house party? This is an explicit exciting game from the developer Eck! Toyswhich entered early entry on Steam in 2017. For a while, it enjoyed some popularity for its rude content and quirky sense of humor somewhat reminiscent of the old millennial high school comedy.

After the game already had some sort of on-and-off relationship with Steam, House Party was completely banned on Twitch. This is also easy to understand – it is intended for adults and has no place in the hands of children. House Party will soon be officially leaving Early Access and appearing with a new major update. Then the main story will also be playable with the protagonist, for example.

Let’s not play

To attract attention to this important day, the developers created a special event. streamer AvaGG (about 450k followers) They should be playing the game on Twitch – but not showing it. Viewers will only see her and her reaction. However, since the hip streamer is currently on the road a lot with her mobile home, the broadcast will be slightly delayed. All information about this and when to start streaming can be found at social media channels or directly in Eck! Toys.

The developers are thus expanding their support of Internet personalities. For example, there is also a streamer Lety do stuff As a separate character in the game. Via DLC should also rappers Dojo cat They find their way to the house party.

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More about House Party:

“House Party” for adults is finally coming in 2020