September 16, 2021


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STJD extends injunction and allows audiences at Cruzeiro games outside of Belo Horizonte

Cruzeiro got what he wanted, and now he can play away from Belo Horizonte with the crowd on the field. The president of the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD), Otavio Noronha, granted the request of Raposa, who last week requested an extension of the effects of an injunction that had already allowed the club to have fans for matches in the capital of Minas Gerais. .

Cruzeiro has not yet been officially announced, but he already has an agreement with the management of Arena do Jacaré, a stadium in the city of Sete Lagoas, about 70 km from Belo Horizonte, to host his matches against Ponte Preta and Operário, on the 23rd. The 24th round of the Series B of the Brazilian Championship. The Heavenly Club was even responsible for the playing field, which was in a precarious condition.

“Indeed, it is public and notorious, and therefore the demonstration is dispensed with by any means of proof, that in addition to Belo Horizonte, in other places throughout the country, it has already been authorized, by actions issued by the competent authorities, gradually issuing and returning The public to the football stadiums, taking into account certain maximum occupancy limits as a percentage calculated on the installed capacity of the sports field, and provided that the rules stipulated in the return plans prepared by the relevant health departments and bodies are “healthy,” as stated in part of the order issued by the President of the Journalists Syndicate. Tunisians for transitional justice, published on the entity’s website.

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The city of Sete Lagoas has already allowed football matches to be held at the Arena do Jacaré with up to 30% of the audience in the stadium. Therefore, about 4,000 fans will be free to watch Cruzeiro matches in the stadium, as long as they respect the rules dictated by the local health protocol. The match against Ponte Preta is scheduled for September 11th.

“In this case, and in view of what has been granted even in favor of other federations, I grant the justified request, to extend the effects of the injunction previously granted, in order to free the return of the public to the stadiums at the Games under Cruzeiro’s command, which are held in sporting venues located within any municipality that permits it. , and provided that the maximum presence set by the city council is observed and all requirements of the health department and local health authorities are met, as long as the permission from Otavio Noronha, president of the Syrian Association for Transitional Justice, explained that the competent authorities in this regard continue.