July 1, 2022


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Steam Deck: Putting mobile gaming to the test (video)

With Steam Deck (PRAD-News), a new gaming mobile game was released in February, which is based on Linux ex business and enables users to play Windows games via Proton. Colleagues from GameStar have put the new product into action and are sharing their impressions on their YouTube channel.

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GameStar is testing Steam Deck

The title of the video “A Complicated Love” already indicates that Steam Deck doesn’t go without cash points. In just under 17 minutes, our testers touch on aspects like battery life, hardware, manufacturing, and of course gaming compatibility. A look at the website reveals that the latter is not always ideal for Linux Proton dB, where users share their experiences with different games. However, one has to believe that a surprising number of native Windows games can be played on Linux – some even perform better than Windows.

In the meantime, GameStar is trying out titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, F1 2021 and Psychonauts 2 on Steam Deck – with different graphic detail settings and frames per second limits. At the end of the video, the editors come to a conclusion. Anyone interested in mobile games can have it Reserve directly with the manufacturer Unfortunately, you have to be prepared for longer waiting times. Valve currently assumes the end of 2022.

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