February 2, 2023


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Steam dad Gabe Newell talks about his gaming PC

once again Gabe Newell Attracted a lot of media attention. However, Steam dad isn’t out yet The Half-Life Series or Xbox Game Pass, but he talked about the gaming PC. Specifically, he did this during 40th Golden Steering Wheel Awards Done, video game awards ceremony. It was at the event that he got it steamdeck Best gaming hardware award. Accordingly, Newell was personally present at the ceremony with a video message. He didn’t just use the opportunity to represent himself valves Thank you for the award, but list roughly PC:

So, my computer has an integrated AMD CPU, an integrated Nvidia GPU, the computer itself is a Falcon Northwest, I have a Crosair mouse, a Logitech keyboard, a Samsung monitor…and this interoperability, this compatibility, this openness, Which makes products like the Steam Deck possible.Newell was already interested in the system’s openness and advantages soon after the mobile device was announced. At the time, he described it to IGN as “superpowerfor computer systems.

Newell and Society

After this enumeration of several hardware and component manufacturers, Newell referred to a speech made by a manager Final Fantasy 14, Naoki Yoshida, the previous year. Yoshida and Newell both emphasize the importance of their community. According to Newell, this is what makes a project like Steam Deck possible in the first place. The mobile device was launched at the end of february and compared to Nintendo Switch Really brags when it comes to hardware.