August 7, 2022


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Starts Tuesday (September 14) at 7pm CET

Starts Tuesday (September 14) at 7pm CET

At 7pm German time, Apple will host the previously anticipated event on Tuesday (September 14), which will feature some new products. It would be surprising if it was not primarily about the new iPhone 13 series. A new Apple Watch is also expected, and new air bots may also be found.

The iPhone 13 will be delivered on September 14th

Speculation and rumors about Apple’s inventions have been growing for several weeks, and it was almost certain that in mid-September the Cupertino team would present an event to present these findings. Now, according to the PC Games hardware report, Apple has officially confirmed the date: Tuesday, September 14, starting at 7pm German time. The goal of this event is “California streaming” and will not allow Apple to make any decisions about content unless it plans something completely new based on streaming. Presumably, this goal is aimed at being broadcast live from Apple headquarters in California.

Of course, almost all experts and Apple fans expect one thing above all else: the presentation of the latest iPhone series, with the utmost certainty and despite all superstitions, will be called the iPhone 13. Other products may be the Apple Watch 7 and the new Air Pots, so Air Pots 3. Rumors of the new iPhone release speak for the start of sales on September 17th. For iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Pro or iPhone SE users the reduced old model will be an option after the release of one of the new iPhones or the new model. As there is a rumor about these three iPhones, despite being relatively young, they will not be supported by WhatsApp from November. See also our related news on this topic.

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