July 25, 2024


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Starfield is partnering with AMD, and it wants to optimize games for its new graphics cards

Starfield is partnering with AMD, and it wants to optimize games for its new graphics cards

AMD announced a partnership with Bethesda and Starfield. However, some players fear that this is not a good idea. Conflict is brewing in the background.

AMD has partnered with Bethesda and Starfield. Together they want to develop the long-awaited game. Bethesda’s Todd Howard confirmed that “AMD engineers have been working on FSR2 image processing and porting in our code base and it looks amazing.” Graphics Cards must be improved.

But many players are skeptical of the idea. Because they fear that some features like DLSS won’t come to Starfield anymore. Because in the background there is a rumor that AMD should block DLSS installation in some games. This was reported by the online magazine the edge.

AMD’s current “politics” is causing trouble among gamers

After the announcement, many are wondering if this now means that DLSS will not be coming to Starfield. DLSS is an upgrade technology. Simply put, games are rendered at a reduced resolution and then upscaled to the correct resolution. This brings significantly greater performance and allows for better gaming. However, many believe that DLSS is the reason developers don’t really improve their games.

AMD is now offering an alternative to DLSS with FSR 2.0, but many still consider Nvidia’s DLSS to be the better option. DLSS is exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards, while FSR works with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia graphics cards.

Many gamers now believe that banning other technologies such as DLSS (Nvidia) and XeSS (Intel) is a deliberate tactic by AMD. At least that’s what the British Journal reported Computer game enthusiasts: AMD neither denied nor confirmed the allegations. However, we are in contact with the developers and AMD and are asking about it.

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Why does DLSS require so much? For many gamers, DLSS is still considered a kind of “lifesaver” because it allows you to play catastrophically optimized games with reasonable smoothness. Even the new Star Wars: Jedi Survivor cannot be played properly with an RTX 3090.

Majority of gamers use Nvidia graphics cards

Majority of gamers use Nvidia graphics card. If you take a look at Current poll values ​​on Steamthen 76% of all respondents play with an Nvidia GPU.

However, the “winners” are the GeForce GTX 1650 and GeForce GTX 1060 – both of which do not support DLSS. Only the third GPU, the GeForce RTX 3060, offers active DLSS support.

Despite all the uncertainties, there could be at least some good news. If AMD already supports Starfield development and FSR 2.0, Xbox gamers can also benefit from it in the long run:

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