May 19, 2022


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Star Trek Piccard II: C'est de la Merde!

Star Trek Piccard II: C’est de la Merde!

The first episode of Star Trek Picard Season 2 aired on Amazon Prime. Below is a review of this work that contains episode spoilers. What is likely to be revealed: This season’s opener is not good. Especially if you’ve been a fan for decades.

Like the first season, the second season begins on Earth. However, the winemaker and reluctant Starfleet senior is quickly being pulled into space. Because a gap in space has opened up and the Borg are naming it. No, this is not a joke, this is actually the plot of the first episode. There are also time jumps, the parallel universe and our good old friend Q.

At the beginning of the episode there is a screenshot showing the whole series problem in a split second. We see the label on a bottle of red wine from the Piccard Winery. It says: Chateau Picard, Grande Vin de Bordeaux. It’s important to know that in the 1990 episode of Season 4 of Star Trek Next Generation, we see Captain Picard returning to his original winery while the Enterprise is being repaired at the orbital space dock. The birthplace of Picard is the village of La Barre in France. There are two villages with this name in France, and both are located in Burgundy in the east of the country. Accordingly, in the first season, the creators of the current series also correctly named the wine with Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the modern name of Burgundy. So why did the Picard winery suddenly appear in Bordeaux, across the country on the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean?

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This is simply because there has been a real Château Picard for more than half a century, and the makers of the chain, in cooperation with this winery, have released wines with a label from the chain. This wine is now sold to Trekkies in the United States; At an additional cost of approximately 300 percent. And because the French have strict laws on determining the origin of food, you cannot simply write Bourgogne-Franche-Comté on this wine as in the first season of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté series. Thus the Picard winery was moved to Bordeaux without further ado after more than thirty years of backstory. Because the story is less important than the money you can make from it. As the French say: C’est de la Merde! (That’s some bullshit!)

The wine dilemma describes not only the problem with this series, but also with the era of Discovery Star Trek in general. Screenwriters are busy doing new things and adapting their series to mass tastes and the political and social quirks of the zeitgeist, but they fail to create works based on their own feet. Unlike previous generations of screenwriters in Deep Space Nine and Voyager, who were able to do new things with new characters who were still Star Trek in their soul, today’s writers need established characters like Picard, Seven of Nine, and Q, to at least give the appearance of a Star. Trek. Not as guest stars to please fans, but as a staple of the series. They need Star Trek imitation symbols and titles – ship names like the Stargazer and Excelsior – and last but not least the name Star Trek, because otherwise no one would find their humble stories even remotely intriguing.

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The whole thing is also very painful for die-hard Trekkies because the characters from the old series – in this case Jean-Luc Picard – are decomposing to be dismantled as relics of the past. It’s making the new characters in the series appear faster, better, and smarter. Unfortunately, these new characters are incredibly boring and the authors put such stupid, meaningless dialogues in their mouths that at the end of the whole action no one seems smart or confident anymore. The problem is not that the writers want to take Star Trek in a new direction. The problem is that they do it poorly. We burn the heroes of our childhood. The main thing in the end is Star Trek and the money goes to even.

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