November 27, 2021


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STACE wants to provide Matane with a state-of-the-art plant

The entrepreneur at the former Enercon plant in Matane saw interesting potential for further growth.

It is a high quality infrastructure, it is the first thing, with large capacity and in an industrial area adapted to our products. The Matane site has facilities that can’t be found anywhere else, including a rail line as well as a deep water port..

Precisely the accessibility of the site is a major advantage of the company, which records 95% of its sales with foreign customers.

Our expertise is in the manufacture and design of all products between generator and transformer..

contracting STACE It also manufactures equipment for electricity producers and develops solutions to transform energy and make it more portable.

STACE announced Thursday the purchase of its former Enercon plant in Matane for $9 million.

Photo: Radio Canada / Beren Bolant

Knowledge development in Matan

The company, in particular, offers innovative solutions in energy storage. It’s also knowing that STACE Would like to develop in Matane during the next year.

To manufacture products in the mechanical and chemical storage of energy at the former Enercon plant, the group expects to inject several million dollars in the coming years.

Factory automation projects are also planned to bring the site to the forefront of technology.

The number of employees who will work at the Matane site has not been specified. Talking about Norman Lord a few dozen within a year.

For MNA for Matane-Matapédia, Pascal Bérubé, it is with great pride that we welcome a 100% company to Quebec.

General Electric had a unit in Quebec, and they could have decided to move everything to the United States, but Quebecers stood by to say they would keep it here.Mr. Birubi rejoices.

What you do is economic nationalism.

Quote from:Pascal Biroby, Member of Parliament for Matan Matabidia

The user will verify that STACE Take advantage of the tax benefits granted to the wind energy sector in the administrative Gaspé in MRC De la Matane.

Matane-Matapédia's MNA Pascal Bérubé was present at the official announcement of Stace's installation in Matane.

MNA for Matane-Matapédia Pascal Bérubé is proud to welcome a Quebec company to the Matane site.

Photo: Radio Canada

The region’s interest in renewable energy

VIPs hope that the facility will strengthen the region’s position in the renewable energy sector.

The City of Matan, through Municipal Councilor Nelson Gagnon, is pleased to have been able to stand out by its appeal and attract a company committed to developing renewable energies.

coming STACE It is an exceptional spark for economic development in the region, adds Jane Langler, Director of the Economic Development Group at Matani (to me).

Implantation can be done anywhere on the planet. This exceptional building, our geographical location, our deep water port, ferry, rail, quality of our workforce and our institutions let us be proud of our origins.

This announcement is the culmination of four years of work for Jane Langler, Director To the. Started operation with electrical equipment supplier nearly 4 years ago.

The agreement was completed 5 months ago.

Text by Beren Braulant