February 2, 2023


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Special guest Lewis Hamilton appeared at the '2022 Gran Turismo World Championship Finals' - Car Watch

Special guest Lewis Hamilton appeared at the ‘2022 Gran Turismo World Championship Finals’ – Car Watch

Lewis Hamilton appears as a special guest at the ‘Gran Turismo World Series 2022 World Finals’

On November 25 (local time), F1 driver Lewis Hamilton will appear as a special guest at the Gran Turismo World Series 2022 World Finals, the year-round decision-making match for the official Gran Turismo Championship using Gran Turismo 7 for PS5/PS4. an act.

Hamilton participated online in the ‘Gran Turismo Series 2022 World Finals’ held in Monaco, appearing in a panel discussion where he answered questions from the contestants and Gran Turismo Series producer Kazunori Yamauchi.

Among them, looking back at the 2022 season, Hamilton said, “I built a machine to respond to the new regulations this year,” but he couldn’t prevent the machine from bouncing around and replacing 80% of the parts. After revealing that it was a very difficult season and as a result we had some tough results and some even better results, but we had no choice but to keep pushing,” Hamilton said.

In response to a participant’s question, “What information do you focus on while driving?” Hamilton replied, “The most important thing for a driver is a sense of depth.” Answered questions about driving and Hamilton.

When asked about his favorite car, Hamilton said, “Of the cars I’ve owned recently, the Nissan GT-R is a very good car in terms of cost. Last time I went to Tokyo, I got to drive an R34 GT-R but it was so much fun, In cars of the future, the Mercedes AMG Project 1 is an amazing car, the most downforce I’ve ever tried in a car, the F1 engine I won in 2015. Proven, so if it does go out, it will be the most powerful as a road buggy.”

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When asked about Hamilton’s sense of beauty, which deals with music and fashion as well as activities in motor racing, Hamilton said, “I try to find a really good balance in my life by doing other things that I love. I think it’s very important to take time,” he said, stressing that he is healthy. good.

The “Gran Turismo 2022 World Series World Finals” will take place on November 25th with the “Regional Nations Cup Finals”, November 26th with the “Constructors’ Cup Grand Finals”, and November 27th with the “Nationals Grand Finals”. It will be broadcast on the official YouTube channels “GRAN TURISMO TV” and “Gran Turismo LIVE”.