September 26, 2022


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South Park makers: They wanted to make a movie about Trump culture

Donald Trump may not have liked a deepfake. Photo: Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

With their YouTube clip about Donald Trump’s use of deepfake technology, the makers of “South Park” have gone viral during the pandemic. In fact, they even planned an entire movie that ended with Trump naked.

“South Park” makers Matt Stone, 51, and Trey Parker, 52, had planned a full-blown fake movie with Donald Trump (76) in the involuntary lead role — however, the pandemic thwarted the idea at the last minute. The two revealed it in one Interview with “Los Angeles Times”. Deepfakes are fake media content designed to look realistic.

“Not many people know that we were just a day away from starting production for our first movie since Team America: World Police. We wanted to start shooting the day the pandemic stopped everything. Months and months of preparing for this movie and then it was like No, it’s over.

Parker explained that the film is now “suspended” so to speak, but that it needs to be completely rethought. He was very objective and his time was up now. “We’re going to have to completely rethink that now.”

This is what Deep Fake: The Movie . was all about

The two also provided a few details: With comedian Peter Serafinovic (50) and their company Deep Voodoo, they worked on a concept called “Deep Fake: The Movie.” “It was about this guy who looked just like Trump because we faked Trump’s face on him. It was a very funny story because of course Trump ended up naked through the mess and all sorts of things, which is why it was so funny and timely.”

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Matt Stone and Trey Parker with the deepfake video ‘Shameless justice’ The virus spread during the pandemic. In the 14 minutes of the film, a reporter named Fred Sassi, who looks just like Donald Trump, talks about the dangers of deepfakes. The video has now garnered more than 2.5 million views.