June 25, 2022


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Söder Promises Funding: Technology Campus for Wunsiedel – Upper Franconia

Hydrogen from Wunsiedel

Henry Schramm, county council president and former mayor of Kulmbach, offered advice on how to move Wunsiedler after Sodder said goodbye: “You have to tie the concept in such a way that the premier can be proud of the technology on the campus, but the claims can still fit in with the budget.”

In light of the global political situation, Wunsiedel is becoming increasingly important, especially hydrogen production, which is scheduled to go into operation on September 14. As Marcus Soder said, the Free State wants to quickly become energy independent from Russia. “Hydrogen plays a crucial role here.” Bavaria will not only import the energy source, but will also produce a large part itself. “The most important and largest factory in Europe is being built in Wunsiedel.” Free State is also happy to support this. “I would like to come back for the inauguration. If only to show that the whole of Bavaria looks forward to Wunsiedel.”

Announcement from Munich

Mayor Nicholas Lahovnik, SWW President Marco Krasser, State Assembly Representative Martin Scheufele and other guests set out to counter Söder’s far-reaching promises. “He made a clear commitment to the technology campus and not just a small lab. This is an announcement,” whispered Marco Krasser.

The University of Bayreuth and other players are already conducting research in the Festival City. The whole municipality becomes a unique laboratory in the future >>>

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