June 28, 2022


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Smart services and “invisible” technology to improve quality of life

Digital governance is an important issue worldwide, and all countries must keep pace with the pace of change and technological advancement. This was also evident in the eighth edition of world government summit in Dubai. The event, which was attended by senior government officials from over 140 countries, had an agenda focused on building a better future.

Digitization was a major topic of the summit, not only from a government perspective, but also in terms of citizens’ access to more efficient and effective services.

Mohammed bin Taliah is the head of government services in the UAE government and says technology has been helping humanity for a long time.

_ “By using technology, we can increase customer service and allow technology to do things for the customer. We try to group services together, simplify them, reduce steps for customers and make sure they are delivered in much less time. We try to get what they want.”

Proactive services for citizens

The UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025 It contains clearly defined performance indicators with ambitious goals, such as B- to digitize 100% of services by 2023.

Mohammed bin Taliah, head of government services in the UAE government, explained that the next step is a concept called proactive service, where users’ needs can be anticipated.

“We use artificial intelligence to deliver services on behalf of customers, without having to ask. By using customer experiences and understanding customers’ needs and personality, we can predict what they want and deliver services before they ask.”

The term “invisible technology” is becoming increasingly popular in the digital world.

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UAE Minister of Artificial Intelligence Omar Al Olama said this means that we should not be aware of the deployment or use of technology in our lives.

_ “What you should see is an exponential improvement in service quality and proactive service delivery. You get high quality that makes you feel the government is realizing they are providing personalized services to you. And that is the impact of AI on your life.”

What do citizens say about progress?

But how does this progress actually happen? Dubai appointed a consultant to look at this from the end user’s perspective.

Dr. Ali Alozi is the City Experience Consultant at Digital Dubai. His job is to meet the needs of the people in the city and to design technology to meet those needs.

“The pandemic has shown us the importance of efficiency, connectivity, the importance of data and flow of information in order to provide the best services to people in the world and especially to cities if they want to compete with each other.”

He added that this should be done as efficiently as possible, but also keeping in mind the general welfare of the people in the city.

Europe offers good examples of digital administrations

There are good examples of successful digital administrations in Europe. For example in Denmark. In Estonia, digital access is natural for citizens and businessmen: almost all government services are available online, from voting to starting a business to signing official documents.

Ott Felsberg, chief data officer for the Estonian government, explained that the goal is to make management more fluid, proactive and user-focused.

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“We try to eliminate as many different missions as possible and Automation. Digitization is also part of it. For example, one of the most recent initiatives we are developing is called bureaucraticA virtual assistant that helps citizens.

Dr. Raymond Khoury Little is a partner at management consulting firm Arthur D. Little and author of the report “The UAE Government in the Future 2022”. He says that countries that do not develop will be left behind.

In the report, he highlights what we believe are the building blocks for forming a future government.

“It is about more than digital technology. There is a myth that if you use digital technology you will become a digital government, which is not the case. You have to start at the top. You need bold leadership and bold strategies that go beyond the digitization of services.”

During the World Government Summit, the Dubai metropolitan government announced that it is working to enhance its digital footprint by joining the metaverse It will continue to progress. You will work with the private sector to create a future human-centric version of the city that harnesses the power of the metaverse.