February 2, 2023


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Small room for indie games: Room No. 760 "Rush Rally 3"

Small room for indie games: Room No. 760 “Rush Rally 3”

The 760th installment of the author’s “Indie Game Chamber”, which resists the temptation to buy on impulse at the Black Friday sales held here and there with a will of steel, is the 760th installment of Brownmonster Limited.「Rush Rally 3」Submit. This action is an arcade style rally game that even a beginner can enjoy casually. If you wait a little longer, it should be a bargain at the year-end holiday sale… (poverty).

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This work so far「MotoGP」or「F1」series,「Colin McRae: DiRT 2」I have been involved in developing many racing games such asMr Stephen BrownHowever, Rally game is developed by only one person. More than 20 types of cars will appear, you can enjoy rallies and crossovers in 11 countries including Japan, as well as games of skill where you can test your skills.

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This action has different game modes, but the main one is “Junior Rally” and aims to become the world champion.career path career paththe situation. In this mode, by participating in tournaments held around the world, credits (in-game currency) and points for determining the overall rank are awarded according to the rank at the time of clearing.

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In the garage, you can buy new cars and upgrade parts using the credits earned by participating in the races. All the cars and courses that appear in the game are fictitious, but rally fans will know right away what a typical car is, as there are cars with designs that look like they were seen somewhere. In addition to being able to give these cars a name of their choice, it’s also nice to be able to customize the car’s body color and decals.

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The feeling of operating the car is more casual than a full racing simulator, and you can experience exciting racing without worrying about difficult settings. The road surface is rich in variety such as gravel, tarmac and snow, and the exhilarating feeling of attacking corners while lifting dust and sliding the car is exceptional. You can also tune the engine, suspension, brakes, power transmission, etc., so even those who care about driving should be able to enjoy it.

As mentioned earlier, the cars and courses in the game are fictitious, but the graphics are so beautiful that you won’t believe that they were created by a single person. It’s a great honor to be able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and the bright red autumn leaves all at once on a designated course in Japan, but you can enjoy racing on a variety of courses where you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of each country.
The demo version of this work is distributed on Steam, and the product version is on sale for 1,520 yen. If you are interested, try the trial version first.

■ “Rally Rush 3” official website