September 28, 2022


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SKYDIV Desktop Client Version 5.1 Released to Wide Users - CNET Japan

SKYDIV Desktop Client Version 5.1 Released to Wide Users – CNET Japan

With the diversity of working methods such as remote work, how to ensure the security of access to computers and internal data while carrying out work has become an issue for organizations. In addition, educational institutions, local governments, and medical institutions are required to operate computers that can use the Internet safely in an environment in which networks that handle confidential data are separated from networks that can connect to the Internet.

SKYDIV desktop client, a thin client system for large-scale users, with various functions that support the operation and management of computers in a virtual environment (thin client). The design and screen configuration focus on usability so that you can easily assign virtual stations to users and check the usage status of each terminal on the management screen. Additionally, by handling all development and support in Japan, we work to ensure that customers can operate with peace of mind.

The latest “SKYDIV Desktop Client version 5.1” contains a “Virtual Browser Method” that runs on a Linux® server, a “web player” function that can be used without a proxy, and files downloaded from the web can be safely transferred to the local environment Enhanced functions such as the File Sanitizing Link that can be moved, making it easier to use in various remote work environments. In addition, improvements have been made to Remote Access Services (optional), which enables remote operation of desktop computers, and has evolved to enable more comfortable use in various functions and operational scenarios.

■ Key Features of the Latest Version (Version 5.1)

1. The default browser method is easier to use! Supports printing by redirecting the printer

By transferring the screen of a web browser running on a Linux® server to each computer, no RDS CAL*1 is required, and a thin client environment is achieved with low installation costs. Version 5.1 supports printer redirection, which makes it more convenient to print data in the virtual environment smoothly in the local environment.

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<نقاط التحسين الرئيسية>
・Smooth printing by redirecting the printer
・ Even on high-resolution computers, the display screen is easy to see and convenient by adjusting the display scale setting.
The address of the website you are browsing can be reflected in the default browser * 2
It is now possible to automatically distribute root and intermediate certificates for virtual browsers
Available by automatically mounting pre-recorded shared folders

2. More enhanced web player functions that can be used immediately without proxies

“Web Player Function” * 3 that allows users to use a virtual environment using a web browser even if the “SKYDIV Desktop Client” agent is not installed on the user’s computer. In version 5.1, in addition to making it possible to assign hotkey combinations which was difficult due to OS dependencies, we have improved functions such as printer redirection.

3. The file sanitizing link function also supports the web player function

Collaborate with other companies’ file sanitizing solutions to sanitize *4 files downloaded from websites while using a virtual environment. You can remove programs and macros that may be malicious software to create a secure file and move it to the local environment. In version 5.1, you can use this function to sanitize files even when using a virtual environment using the web player function.

4. Easier to install and start using Remote Access Services, which allows remote start-up of desktop computers

Enhanced “SKYDIV Desktop Client Remote Access Services” that allow you to remotely operate your desktop PC from your PC during a business trip or work remotely. Remote operation via a web browser is now possible without installing custom software on the user’s computer. In addition, a button to access the website for maintenance contract users is provided on the operating screen, making it easy to contact support and view brochures.

*1 Windows Server Remote Desktop Services CAL.
*2 Provided as a link function with SKYSEA Client View. This can be set when using the app in the default browser method. The user-side device is only compatible with Windows.
*3 For available web browsers, please refer to the website (end to end) Please look at.
*4 For the products of each cooperated factory, please refer to the website (end to end) Please look at.

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■ Features of “SKYDIV Desktop Client”

1. Operation and operation is easy to understand and use
By utilizing the knowledge gained through software development to date, we aim to make the virtual environment easy to use for even first-time users, to make it easier for administrators to operate the user interface and operability, and to make it easier to create and run in the environment. It also features a simple functional configuration that supports enhanced security.

2. The foundation is the familiar Windows Server / Hyper-V
For the virtual infrastructure, the “Microsoft Hyper-V” installed in Microsoft Windows Server, which is used by many organizations in Japan, is used. Since the system can run in the familiar environment of Microsoft products, the startup can be done smoothly.

3. Domestic and Japanese support from development to support
The “SKYDIV Desktop Client” is developed and sold in Japan by Sky Corporation. All support services are provided in Japan, materials and technical manuals are produced in Japanese, so you can use them with confidence.

■ Main Functions of “SKYDIV Desktop Client”

system administration
You can perform necessary tasks on the screen, such as adding/deleting various servers necessary to build a thin client environment and checking server performance. In addition, it is possible to periodically check the connection to each server and notify the administrator if the connection is not possible *5.

Catalog Management / Operations Management
Virtual stations with the same configuration (OS/Applications) used by users are grouped into modules from *6 “catalogs”, and are centrally managed by the administrator. You can check each user’s default station assignment status and users’ login status on the management screen.

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Usage Policy Settings
You can configure security policy settings, such as blocking the use of USB memory cards and printers, and settings related to remote connections for each partition. You can check the setting status in a menu and quickly understand whether the policy has been applied correctly.

Other jobs
User query response: By searching for the inquiry number listed in the error message, you can check the details of the error and how to deal with it.

User authentication: Windows smart card authentication and biometric authentication such as face authentication and vein authentication can be used when logging into virtual terminals.

*5 It is necessary to enable continuous monitoring settings for each server.
*6 After the “Usage Allocation Units” are created based on the generated catalog, virtual stations and applications can be used by assigning departments and users to each unit.

■ Sales System
It will be sold through distributors nationwide.

■ Product Details
* For more details, please see the website below.
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■ Inquiries
Please contact us from the website below.
<موقع عميل سطح المكتب SKYDIV>
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(Click the inquiry button on the page.)

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