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Skillmill's beautifully designed tile-laying games: review, test and critique

Skillmill's beautifully designed tile-laying games: review, test and critique

Every now and then, as a reviewer, you get a game that doesn't fit into the usual categories. 8 by Skillmill is such a title because it doesn't come from a well-known game publisher, the authors haven't come out yet with games and there are no entries on popular platforms like Boardgamegeek.

According to Skillmill, it is an online platform that acts as a network for creative people and their clients and covers every creative field you can imagine, from architecture to photography to web design. Founders Max Hareiter and Ute Leonhartsberger have developed an abstract tile-laying game that has until now been available exclusively through their webstore www.8byskillmill.com Distribution: 8.

What is level 8 game?

The game gets its name because of the 8 x 8 playing board on which 2-4 players have to place colored wooden discs in order to make as many sets of three (triples) as possible. The rules are very simple: each player first places the discs in their respective player colors one by one, and must do so again in exactly the same order in the second round. You are then free to make the decision when laying the tiles. However, you cannot arbitrarily distribute stones on the board, but must adhere to the following rules: The playing field is built from bottom to top and if the row is still empty, the player in turn must place his disc there first.

Skillmill 8 Tiling Game - Board with Stones - Image from Skillmill

8: It's faster

Players place their tiles down and the game board gradually fills up. For each completed triple, whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal, the corresponding player receives an entry on the scoreboard. The game of 8 ends when the last piece is placed on the board and the player with the most triplets wins. This actually plays quickly, but there is also a quick variant in which the player with the first three wins.

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Is the Skillmill 8 placement game fun?

So the number 8 is basically a different type of Four wins or Tic tac toe, albeit in a more elegant presentation. You can tell that the designers were working here as authors.

The game comes in a black box with a magnetic closure, inside of which are two small matte black boxes with colored dots on the lids for the player's colors. Contents consist of black foam with slots for 24 brightly painted wooden playing pieces. The game board is also matte black with paint dots for the placement of the pieces. There's also a spiral notebook made of sturdy cardboard (matte black) and a black pencil – who would have thought.

Skillmill 8 Tiling Game - Disassembled Materials - Image from Skillmill

The Design Toy 8 is sure to look good as a design object in living room photos in magazines like Schöner Wohnen. However, the fun content has nothing to do with appearance. Unfortunately, it doesn't really stand out from the established games (see above), but only diversifies the way it plays. But it looks beautiful.

Information about 8 (Skill Mill)

  • Address: 8
  • Publisher: Skillmill
  • Author: Max Hariter, Ute Leonhardsberger
  • Number of players (from to): 2-4
  • Age (from or to in years): 8
  • Duration in minutes: 25
  • Vintage: 2023
  • video:

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