December 7, 2023


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Shark Tank premiere goes live with uncut steps, viewer input - rate it!

Shark Tank premiere goes live with uncut steps, viewer input – rate it!

ABC . letters shark tank Friday night began with the season 14 premiere, culminating with a show like no other.

For the first time ever, studio audiences joined Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Laurie Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Diamond John and Kevin O’Leary as unedited, unfiltered performances from upbeat entrepreneurs—and for just one night, home viewers were asked to think In whether our sharks should take the lead and make an investment. (The series returns to its regular, prequel format next week.)

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So, how many deals have been made in real time? And what kind of offer did the Cuban make to the third and final businessman? Keep reading to find it…

pitch no. 1: compostable underwear | Jeff and Stacey Grace enter the tank and demand $200,000 for five percent of their company: KentManufacturer of the world’s first compostable underwear. (When their time is up, you can literally grow your pants!) They’re on track to make $500,000 this year, but value the company at $4 million—ouch! Also not in their interest: One pair of eco-friendly skates costs $20-24, which is more than the average American can afford.

Share Tank Live

Share Tank Live

Mark clicks, followed by Diamond. Barbara makes them an offer – $200,000 for 20 percent – but it significantly lowers their rating. Robert then turns to the studio audience for a show of hands, to see how often the American citizen buys new underwear. ABC then opens up polls for in-house viewers to comment on during the commercial break. After seeing the results, Robert made the couple an offer: $200,000 for 15 percent. Lori matches that show, then Daymond jumps again – same show! Jeff and Stacey came up with the hope of partnering with Diamond, so they accepted his deal.

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pitch no. 2: Baby Picker | Sina and Nina Farzin enter the tank and demand $400,000 for five percent of their company: AugiberA product line that helps babies (and parents!) breathe more easily. It’s an $8 million valuation, but they have the sales to back it up. Since 2015, they have made over $15 million. This year alone, they’re on track to make $5.4 million in sales — and $1 million in profits.

Share Tank Live

Share Tank Live

Kevin cuts off Nina to make a deal. Believe it or not, he says, he doesn’t have a nose cleaner in his wallet. So, he’s offering them $400,000… for 10 percent of the company. Diamond clicks, then Lori jumps. But before you give them an offer, we have our second poll: Are you having a hard time picking baby snot? The results obviously have no real bearing on Laurie’s decision, which comes with an offer: $400,000 for 10 percent… but she’d like Mark to go with her. They raise the capital to 12 percent, and then Barbara comes up with her own offer: $400,000 for 10 percent — and if she can’t raise their sales to $400 million in two years, she’ll give them back half of their stock. (Whoa!) Robert goes with Barbara, and they raised their offer to $600,000 for 10 percent. Deal!

Share Tank Live

Share Tank Live

pitch no. 3: collapsible pizza box| Tate Koenig, who appeared in Season 12 and left without a deal with the Cheese Chopper, returns with Pizza Back, a collapsible pizza storage container that can store a single slice or an entire pie, and it comes with five separator trays that not only separate slices during storage, but double as microwaveable pizza plates. You can also reheat the entire pie in the container in one go. He earns it for $4 per pack, and sells for $24.99. In just five months, he made over $250,000 in sales. He wants $100,000 for 10 percent of the company.

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Mark is not interested in a slice of the company; He wants the whole pie. So as they head into their final commercial break, he tells Tate to consider the cost of buying his company outright. After the break, Tate asked for $5 million, which Mark called “crazy,” but told Tate to keep thinking as he hears from other sharks. Mark eventually offered him $1.5 million for a package of pizza, but Tate came to the tank determined to work with Laurie. He rejects Mark’s offer, as well as the offers of Kevin (who offered him $100,000 for 10 percent…but he deals with $1 ownership until he gets the $100,000 back, at which point the property drops to 50 cents forever) and Diamond (who offers him ($100,000 for 20 percent), and agrees to Laurie’s offer: $100,000 for 13 percent.

what were you thinking shark tankThe premiere of the fourteenth season live? Want to watch another live episode in the future of the series – or is the live episode more than enough? Weigh through the following surveys, then raise your voice in the comments.

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