September 26, 2023


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See Tim Spector, “The Truth About Our Food,” Dumont

Skipping breakfast or skipping breakfast altogether?

Dr. read it. Elephant. Daniel Arnett

No, I didn’t particularly like spinach when I was a kid – especially because it usually ends up on the plate as a warm fragrance from the freezer. But I wanted to be as strong as Popeye. As is well known, the cartoon character squeezes a can of spinach before every exertion, because it contains a lot of iron and builds muscles as hard as steel. Even with green porridge! Even then, in 1982, a scientist explained that everything was a watershed error: spinach contains ten times less iron, instead of just 0.035 grams (0.0035 grams per 100 grams) – much less than liver sausage or chocolate.

“The Truth About Our Food” is the name of the book just published by British author and King’s College epidemiologist Tim Spector (64), which of course also mentions Popeye’s tale. Above all, Spector gets to the core of new food myths. Today there are fewer dietary rules than bans: fats, meat, salt, gluten, alcohol, coffee and sugar should be avoided! But is this true? Does this keep the body fit?