June 25, 2022


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See Piketty “Measuring Racism and Combating Discrimination” by CH Beck

Down to work! New Reality Books

It only serves those that the economy allows it to

“A Conversation with a Tax Officer about Poetry” is the name of a poem written by author Vladimir Mayakovsky from 1926. This non-fiction book sometimes shows that it illuminates what people say on topics unrelated to their subject.

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Dr. read it. Elephant. Daniel Arnett

Why should I let my dentist explain the proper care of balconies? And why should I ask the carpenter if I want to know how to properly prepare Hollandaise sauce? Well, the former can have a green thumb and the latter can be a home cook. But I don’t usually attribute gardening or kitchen work to these professionals as a major.

The situation is similar to Thomas Piketty, 51, who recently published a book on racism. The French economist gained international fame with bestsellers such as Capital in the Twenty-first Century (2014) or Capital and Ideology (2020). In this, Piketty proves to be a brilliant analyst of economic conditions in contemporary society. But racism? no one.

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