October 21, 2021


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See list of Portuguese athletes for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games – Methods

The Portuguese Paralympic Committee announced, on Friday, the representation of Portugal with 32 athletes, in eight sports, including two newcomers, in the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, at the presentation ceremony of the Portuguese mission.

Regarding the 2016 Rio Games, from which it came out with four bronze medals, Portugal ranked five fewer athletes, but increased from seven to eight the number of sports in which it will be represented at the Paralympic Games, which will take place between August 23 and September 8. .

The Portuguese delegation includes many newcomers, among them Badminton actress Beatriz Montero, who arrived in Tokyo at the age of 15 and who benefited from an invitation.

In addition to badminton, Portugal will also take off in rowing, having two representatives, Alex Santos and Norberto Mourao, European champion in its class.

At the moment, there are still two names in athletics, as the Portuguese quota is 10 representatives and today only eight names have been released.

Athletics (10):

Anna Philip.

Karina Beam.

Cristiano Pereira.

Sheikh Syed.

Joao Korea.

Manuel Mendes.

Miguel Montero.

Sandro Paisa.

(There are still two open classes)

Badminton (1):

Beatrice Montero.

– Bokia (10):

Abilio Valenti.

Anna Sofia Costa.

Andre Ramos.

Avellino Andrade.

Carla Oliveira.

Christina Gonçalves.

Jose Macedo.

Manuel Cruz.

Nelson Fernandez.

Pedro Clara.

Rowing (2):

Alex Santos.

Norberto Morao.

Cycling (2):

Telmo Benau.

Luis Costa.

Equestrian (1):

Anna Mota Vega.

Judo (1):

Gabrielu Jaffa.

Swimming (5):

Daniel Fine.

David Grachat.

Diogo cancels.

Marco Meneses.

Susanna Vega.

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