July 20, 2024


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Security Radar: Wi-Fi acts as an alarm system

Security Radar: Wi-Fi acts as an alarm system

Although Wi-Fi signals can pass through many invisible objects, depending on their shape and material, this affects the quality of the signal. Changes in the signal allow conclusions to be drawn about the environment – ​​for example, how many people are in a room. And that’s exactly what the Dutch company Gamgee now wants to take advantage of. Wi-Fi is designed to be used as a security radar and thus an alarm system.

Identify and report people

Gamgee has now launched a similar campaign on Indiegogo, aiming to raise €50,000. Given the low funding target, development is likely already largely complete. The project’s backers promise a combination of a Wi-Fi router and an alarm system: three devices with an area of ​​150 square meters are offered for €295, and four devices with an area of ​​200 square meters cost €345. Delivery is scheduled for January 2025.

Source: Gamgee

Obvious movements must be reported via the app.

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