August 7, 2022


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Season 2 bounded by stealth on Apple TV+

Not because the Blues were silly at the Euro and then at the Olympics, we should refrain from talking nonsense. On the contrary, these two prisons revealed all the comedic power of the goddess defeat, a lady who would always be more fantastically fertile than her cousin Victoire.

the Wide, the hchouma, failure, sarcasm… It is in large part the spring that is based on it Ted Lasso. This production of Warner-Apple TV+ gave us one of our rare chances to have a laugh in 2020. The stadium? Ted Lasso (funny Jason Sudeikis), the American football coach straight from his native Kansas, was recruited into England by the football club – that’s European – from Richmond.

Trailer for “Ted Lasso” Season Two:

This sudden choice responds to a vengeful logic. After being deceived and manipulated by her husband, the owner of the team wants to see the latter leave the Premier League with losses and hype to punish her ex-husband, a frozen fan of AFC Richmond. Therefore, the brave Yankee is hired for his complete ignorance of the game, its rules, and its uses.

This transformation is the second comic argument on which the series is based. Combined with maximum exploitation of the geographical, cultural and historical abyss that often separates the absurd USA from the despised Great Britain. Ted thinks ‘football’ was invented to prevent Cambridge students from masturbating, and likens tea to Still water And the wonders of British divisions: How many states are there in this country? But he is nothing but a fool. Airtight to any irony, he brings with him his enthusiasm, frankness and kindness and succeeds in repackaging a group undermined by its metastases: star players, dumb fables, a locker room divided into rival clans…

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Towards season 3

It’s this side Mr. Smith in the Senate Which achieved All the Magic of Season 1, an overall and critical success with a Golden Globe for Sudeikis and 20 nominations for the upcoming Emmy Awards in September. Without missing out completely, #2 disappoints by refusing to renew itself. Despite his coach, Richmond was relegated to the second division and the scenario refined the same stones without planting more. The president still has heart problems, Laso still has tympanitis with a Kansas accent and his players have the same emotional limits.

To get over it, the club recruits a female psychologist and her confrontation with Ted is the best idea for this 2021 installment. She exposes in American weaknesses that only require exploiting with narrative. They will be in season 3 where the project is presented as a trilogy. Its authors compare it with the first three star Wars, the opus that concerns us to be, for them, equivalent to Empire strikes.

“North turn” review

wait for Return of the JediTake a tour of the burgeoning football chain on the web. Even if none of them are really convinced. on Netflix, English game cares about the roots of the game, while crows club drowning in his Spanish excesses. And on Prime Video, kicks He opportunistically glorifies the women’s game.

Cocorico, the best fantasy avatar is French. Broadcast in 2015 on Aarti, north turn It is an addictive story that moves behind the scenes of the formation of ch’ti. It was lauded at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival. Like what the blues do loose not always.

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Trailer “Verage Nord”

Ted Lasso. Season 1 and 2 on Apple TV +.

« English game » on Netflix.

« crows club » on Netflix.

« kicks » Wall Prime Video.

« north turn » on Arte Boutique.

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