October 24, 2021


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Sci-Fi Fantasy: We're Still Finding a Very Good 'Matrix' Trilogy Today And That's What We're Expecting From 'Matrix 4' [Podcast] - Kino News

Sci-Fi Fantasy: We’re Still Finding a Very Good ‘Matrix’ Trilogy Today And That’s What We’re Expecting From ‘Matrix 4’ [Podcast] – Kino News

Tobias loves “Star Wars 8” – and many others. Cinema is always a good idea (any time of the year).

We took the upcoming debut of “Matrix 4: Resurrections” as an opportunity to talk about the classic “Matrix” and its controversial sequences. What do we still love about the series today, and what don’t we?

Warner Bros.

Many movie fans in their thirties still remember well the first time they saw the mystery action movie “The Matrix” in 1999 (whether they are old or not). The sci-fi genre has rarely been philosophical, mysterious and visually elegant: the special effect Bullet Time, in which the camera flies around a combat character, was copied many times in early Hollywood action cinema.

Moderator Sebastian and colleague/companion Yves Vaughn Moviepilot As well as the podcast Nerd and Culture Brainstorming on the current – really long – screen episode of “The Matrix” as well as delving into the details of the sequel “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions”, which followed in 2003 and caused major disappointment in some viewers. In December 2021, the series will be expanded again with “Matrix Resurrections” – how will director Lana Wachowski this time manage to build on one of the most styled trilogy of all time?

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