September 28, 2022


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Hagen Schmelzer

Schalke documentary review: ‘Okay – not great’

Especially during the international break, many Schalke fans can use the free time to watch the RTL+ paid documentary about FC Schalke 04. This consists of six episodes and shows the course of the entire 2021/22 promotion season including many thoughts on the inner workings for the team. However, WAZ is not really convinced by its review of the “Zurück zum Wir”.

These six episodes last between 45 and 60 minutes. So there’s plenty of time to map out an entire season, although you don’t have to worry about the purely sporting stuff on the pitch. Anyone interested in this documentary should know that anyway. But the software makers seem to have exhausted their time budget very quickly, Andreas Ernst criticizes in his review of the series.

Because the big drunk with eight wins from the last nine games of the season with the final promotion was only dealt with in the last episode, and so it looks like he’s upset. In addition, it should be clear to every viewer that the club itself always has a say in what can be seen in such a documentary and to what extent.

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Party promotion neglected after St. Pauli victory

But other than that, there will be many good ideas, like. for example:

  • Peter Knebel gave a half-time speech at the Ingolstadt Club
  • Simon Tyrudy once mocked the referee
  • Separation settlement from Gazprom
  • How Martin Friesel lies in tears in Gerald Asamoah’s arms after boarding
  • Even how a planned transfer fails due to a faulty scanner
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But from WAZ’s point of view, the minus remains that some things will also be left out and the promotion party and the last way there won’t get enough space. From Funke-Medium’s point of view, the only thing left is the overall “Okay” rating – which of course won’t stop many Schalke fans from watching “Zurück zum Wir”.