December 2, 2023


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Save time for truck drivers and simplify cargo transportation with smart technology

Save time for truck drivers and simplify cargo transportation with smart technology

It is a new application for truck drivers that provides intelligent management of time periods for merchandise at stations around Simply from your smartphone without paper and pen. The smartphone app “CONROO” was developed by the Nuremberg startup of the same name and tested with German freight forwarding company Schiene – Straße (DUSS).

DUSS would like to use the smartphone app to speed up the transition from road to rail. The smart application displays the charging status at all times and informs drivers of the demand at the recharging station. A time period for uploading can be easily booked via a mobile device and the missing charging data can easily be added. All jobs can be done by truck drivers Managed in eight languages.

Seize the opportunities of digitization! With the innovative application, we can load our infrastructure more evenly and use it more efficiently. This creates additional capacity for more cargo on the climate-friendly rail. Our customers save valuable time, with advanced data and information we improve our operations and avoid unnecessary crane trips. This is how we reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save paper and make rail freight transport more efficient and climate friendly. – said Andreas Schulz, CEO of DUSS.

More capacity through digitization

After successful testing phases at recharging stations in Frankfurt am Main, Kornwestheim and Ulm, the app has now been officially launched in Munich. Deutsche Bahn (DB) uses the innovative app from start-up CONROO and so it is The first station operator to use smart technology. According to the company, the capacity of the cargo station is optimally used, trains can be grouped together more quickly and truckers save time.

In addition, thanks to digital and paperless processing, Goods are processed faster, more convenient and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Digitally organized logistics is beneficial to the economy, prosperity and climate. Together with Deutsche Bahn, we create simple operations, increase data availability, and automate data exchange. This is how we optimize train and truck times. This frees up important resources in logistics. Simply and easily contact Deutsche Bahn to our platform. “- says Felix Paul Czerny, General Manager of CONROO GmbH.

As you can see, the digitization and automation of logistics processes are of central importance in the transportation of goods. You can learn more about digitization in our current online magazine, which is available to you for free. ↓

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