November 27, 2021


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Sao Paulo had different coaches in the four games of 2021 against Red Bull Bragantino – 10/23/2021

Sao Paulo, Sunday (24), faces Red Bull Bragantino. Tricolor plays away at Nabi Abi Chedid, playing against Braganca Paulista for the fourth time this year. But the confrontation has an unusual fact: In the four matches that the two teams met in 2021, Sao Paulo had a different coach on the edge of the field.

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The first match between the two teams took place this year last season. On January 6, the two teams met in the 28th round of the Brazilian League 2020. The match, which was held in Naby Abi Chedid, ended with the hosts winning 4-2.

At the time, the coach of Sao Paulo was Fernando Diniz, who is currently driving Vasco. The match against Red Bull Bragantino, however, was crucial for Deniz’s work at Tricolor, as it marked the beginning of the downfall of then-leader São Paulo, causing the team to finish the championship in fourth place, losing the trophy that looked like. content. In addition, the match was marked by a discussion between Fernando Dinez and Chi Chi, in which the coach called the midfielder ‘Mascuradinho’ and ‘leg’.

The second match between the two teams was on April 12, in favor of Campeonato Paulista. In a match valid for the seventh round of the group stage of the tournament, played in Morumbi, Sao Paulo won 1-0, with an own goal by Leo Artez. At that time, the captain of São Paulo was Hernan Crespo.

The next match was in the Brazilian Championship 2021. On July 4, Sao Paulo and Red Bull Bragantino entered the field in a match valid for the ninth round of the Brazilian League, in Morumbi. The match ended with the visiting team winning 2-1 with goals from Alerandro and Artur. The goal of Sao Paulo was scored by Emiliano Rigoni.

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Although Hernán Crespo was the team’s coach at the time, he was the captain with Covid-19 and thus was replaced by his assistant Juan Branda.

The next match between the two teams, on Sunday (24), will have another coach ahead of Sao Paulo. Following Crespo’s departure, Rogerio Ceni took over the coaching role and would be on the edge of the field against Massa Protta.

In this period of coaching change at Morumbi, Mauricio Barbieri was the only coach to have led Red Bull Bragantino, with the Brazilian coach having the longest job.

The ball rolls at 6:15 p.m. Sunday, at El Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium, home of Red Bull Bragantino. The match is valid for the 28th round of the Brazilian Championship.