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Sanwa Supply Pen Mouse “400-MAWBT202” Makes Working in Tight Spaces Easier Results When Connected to Chromebook, iPad, etc. (Page 1/4) – ITmedia PC User

Sanwa Supply Pen Mouse “400-MAWBT202” Makes Working in Tight Spaces Easier Results When Connected to Chromebook, iPad, etc. (Page 1/4) – ITmedia PC User

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The Sanwa Supply 400-MAWBT202 Pen Mouse can be operated by holding it like a pen. When I tried this mouse on a Windows computer, I found it easy to operate even in places with limited workspace, and the pen-shaped design makes it easy to hold.

Since it is so convenient, I thought it would be even more useful if it could be used on devices running other operating systems. That's what I thought, so I used it by connecting it to my Chromebook, iPad, Android smartphone, and Fire tablet. I decided to give it a try. What would be the result…?

I have tried using the “400-MAWBT202” pen mouse with different devices.

Try combining it with a Chromebook.

Chromebooks start up quickly and are ideal for light tasks like text entry and photo editing. With models that have a built-in mobile connectivity module, you can quickly get to work on the go without having to search for a public Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) or activate tethering on your smartphone.

If you can pair this Chromebook with the 400-MAWBT202, you should be able to work on the go. My favorite Chromebook is the Lenovo JapanLenovo Chromebook 14e 3rd Gen“It is. I have it set to “click (on the touchpad) to click”, but the sensitivity is weak and I have to press the pad hard, which is a bit frustrating.

In this case, it's better for your mental health to use a mouse from the start. What's more, the 400-MAWBT202 is easy to carry, making it ideal for working on the go.

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So, I'm going to try it out to see if it works.

Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen 3 400-MAWBT202

First, I was wondering if it was possible to connect via Bluetooth, which might be obvious, but I was able to connect normally, and I was also able to use it as a mouse.

Open the Bluetooth tab from Settings and tap “Pair New Device”

Select the device you want to pair. For some reason, I can find “5.0” and “3.0”, but I chose “5.0” here.

The pairing was completed in no time. It happened so fast that I didn't have time to take a screenshot.

The Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen 3 also has a Standard-A USB dock. So, I also tried connecting using the USB receiver stored on the back of the 400-MAWBT202 pen.

This USB receiver is recognized as a standard USB HID (Human Interface Device) compliant mouse. Because of this, I was able to connect this way without any problems.

A schematic diagram of the receiver is included in the Lenovo 14e Chromebook Gen3.

So, do the buttons on the 400-MAWBT202 work? This may be normal, but I was able to use not only the “double click button”, but also the “right click button” and the “wheel button” without any problems.

When I used the right click button on the 400-MAWBT202, the context menu (right click menu) was displayed correctly.

The web browser for Chromebooks is Google Chrome. Normally, in Chrome for PC (Windows/macOS/ChromeOS), middle-clicking (clicking the wheel button) closes the tab.

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When I tried to middle click on the 400-MAWBT202, I was able to successfully close the tab.The 400-MAWBT202 and Chromebook appear to be compatible.He is.

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