June 4, 2023


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Sanwa Direct’s Low-Cost Peripherals Are Cheaper!: Amazon April Special Time Sale-ITmedia PC USER

Many of Sanwa Supply’s products, which sell computer accessories with good cost performance, are also on display in the “Amazon April Special Time Sale” which is taking place on Amazon.co.jp through April 2nd.

Items for sale include standing desks, armrests, footrests, computer stands, computer coolers, mice, keyboards, and power strips. I can’t cover them all, but I’ll show you a few.

In addition, only those whose source of sales (bidder) is Sanwa Direct are eligible to sell. Also, please note that they may be sold out even during the sale period.

Sanwa Direct Trackball 400-MA099R

Cheap standing desks!

Working from home puts pressure on your lower back because you don’t move around as much as you do at the office. The standing desk solves this problem. Standing desks tend to feel oppressive because of their height, but Sanwa Supply products make a light impression.

The object is 100 cm high. Three widths from 100 cm to 160 cm are available at up to 20% off. Wheels for standing desks are also shown.

Sanwa Direct Desk 100-DESKF023

Various cheap mice!

There are a large number of ergonomic mice that take the burden off the user’s wrist and old ones for sale. I rarely see you,Left-handed ergonomic mouseAlso available.

All products cost less than 4,000 yen, so it’s a good idea to buy them for daily use or as a spare.

Sanwa Direct Mouse Left Handed Ergonomics 400-MAW174

Great deals on track balls!

A trackball that allows you to move the mouse cursor freely even on a cramped desk is sold at a discount. There is also a type that can be used while lying down. Even if you have been sitting for a long time and your back is strained, you will be able to review the material while lying down.

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Sanwa Direct Sleep Mouse 400-MA083

Cheap keyboard!

The Sanwa Supply keyboard can satisfy many needs, such as wanting to use it to go out for a while, or wanting to have a spare keyboard even though you usually use a high-end keyboard.

Although it is excellent in cost performance, it is comfortable and the design is good. There are different types of items such as those with a numeric keypad, those without a numeric keypad, and those with only a numeric keypad, so you want to choose the one that matches your usage.

Sanwa Direct Bluetooth Keyboard 400-SKB073

USB hub and HDMI adapter too!

Even if you buy a high-performance computer, it is inconvenient if there are few ports. USB hubs and docking stations extend the functionality of these computers. Take this opportunity to buy up to 20% discount and improve the environment around your computer.

Sanwa 400 Direct Docking Station – HUB039BK3

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