September 24, 2021


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 buyer complains: "Back, what a failure"

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 buyer complains: “Back, what a failure”


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Buyers Complain to Amazon and Reddit

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (avatar) has been criticized by some buyers. There are complaints on Amazon and Reddit.

Photo: Samsung

Has Samsung slipped off the Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic)? Buyers are angry about the poor performance of the smartwatch battery.

Samsungs Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) It has been available in stores since August 27. Less than a week after publication accumulate complaints in a AmazonAnd reddit And in the Samsung forums. What happened?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Battery life is not long lasting

At Amazon, “Jo” was all about the smartwatch battery lament. Within three hours, the level had fallen from 75 to 34 percent. User writes “Can you imagine how long this hour will take”. In addition, the watch will be returned. “Looking back, what a failure,” reads the review.

There are also complaints about compatibility with some smartphones. Shadow Man wrote that he cannot use the Galaxy Watch 4 with his Huawei P20. The wearable app cannot be installed. He writes: “I won’t wait long to send a reply.”

There are also criticisms in the Samsung forum

In the Samsung forum Criticize Someone Galaxy Watch 4 gets very hot when making calls over LTE. The watch will automatically end the call and switch to airplane mode. “I tried restarting it. Even the reset didn’t help. The problem persisted. I couldn’t find any updates either,” comments carl123.

There are also complaints about Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 on Reddit

The user is not alone with his problem. Also found on Reddit complaints. PresidentZerO asks, “LTE sucks the battery empty. But that fast? Within an hour, the battery dropped from 50 percent to zero. Is that normal?” The person has not even used the Galaxy Watch 4.

The Korean manufacturer has not yet commented on the alleged problems. However, Samsung could introduce the Galaxy S21 FE next week. Additionally, support for some Galaxy phones is ending.

Sources: Amazon, Samsung Forum, Reddit

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