The tournament kick-off will be presented on PlayStation 5 consoles on May 1 with the “Fast Track Racing Challenge” of the colorful 3D platform game Sackboy: A Big Adventure. From May 2021 to January 2022, there will be new hurdle tournaments every two months that players will have to pass as quickly as possible.

Online leaderboards, prizes, and more

Times are recorded on online leaderboards and can also be compared to friends, indicated in the accompanying ad. Prizes for each participant are in-game collectibles, and depending on their position on the leaderboard, also costume pieces. The Knitting Speedrun Challenge is the first in the new PlayStation Tournament series and will be available via Activity Cards in Sackboy: A Big Adventure Games Hub.

As a PlayStation 5 launch title, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the spiritual successor to the popular LittleBigPlanet series and is now focused on the series’ iconic mascot. The title is full of surprises and can be tried alone, but also with up to four players locally and online. In co-op multiplayer mode, players can communicate with each other in a funny way using an emotional system. Singles come from more than 60 outfits, the individual parts of which can be combined freely with each other.

Price levels

The price levels are divided into five categories: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamonds.

  • Bronze: Collectibles for each participant
  • silver: A costume piece for the top 50% of the participants
  • Go: Masquerade Top 30%
  • Platinum: Masquerade Top 15%
  • Diamond: Masquerade Top 5%
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Additionally, you have a chance to win exclusive in-game prizes while playing challenges in different countries, including Germany.

All additional details about the Sackboy Knit-Speedrun Challenge are available Here.

Sackboy Knit-Speedrun Challenges