May 27, 2024


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Novo Windows 11 corre em smartphone Lumia 950 XL e Raspberry Pi 4 vídeo

Runs on newer Windows 11 Lumia 950XL and Raspberry Pi 4 smartphones

Microsoft released the first framework of Windows 11, which was limited to the Insiders program, and soon problems came up. The fact is that many users of the program, with machines worthy of testing, when trying to update Windows, Receive the appointment Your computers will not be able to run the latest version.

However, thanks to the ARM version, Windows 11 can already be found running on the Raspberry Pi 4 and one of Microsoft’s latest smartphones.

Windows 11 came to give new impetus to Microsoft's operating system. Of course, there are requirements that set you apart from certain machines Recent, high-performance computers may become obsolete. However, despite some difficulties in installing your first framework, the signs of success are many.

At this early stage, fewer trials begin. It can also be found running on Windows 11 Raspberry Pi 4 and 2015 Lumia smartphones. In fact, one of the latest models offered by Microsoft.

Windows 11 No Raspberry Pi4

User only through Reddit theSPEEDCAT Shared some pictures of what the Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB RAM running Windows 11 will look like. According to the user, this new version achieves better performance than Windows 10.

During the installation process, the user reports that they have downloaded the ARM64 version of Windows 11 via UUPdump. Then, it is necessary to update the ISO via an SD card, following the same procedure used to install Windows 10.

Photo Gallery shared on Reddit:

E No Lumia 950 XL

Another user, Gustav Mons, The new version of Windows running on the "old" Microsoft Lumia 950XL smartphone showed up on their social networks.

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Video shows basic computer resources including taskbar, start menu and settings. Everything is working properly.