November 27, 2021


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Rodriguinho analyzes Bahia’s game sequence and values: ‘We’ll need everyone’ | Bahia

since to Series A It began, at the end of May, Bahia He faces a grueling streak of one match every three days. The tricolor marathon continues this week. On Wednesday, at 6 pm (GMT), the Bahia team will face Juventud M Petwaso. On Saturday, at 7 p.m., the opponent will be São Paulo, in Morumbi.

Rodrigueno was actively involved in the intense match routine. Between the end of May and the beginning of this week, Bahia played 12 matches. In 11 of them, he was the midfielder on the field. The only time he was kept to avoid injuries was in the away win over Ciara, in the fourth round of Serie A.

Rodrigueño has played 28 of Bahia’s 30 games this season – Photo: Felipe Oliveira/Bablitetti/EC Bahia

Despite the wear and tear, Rodrigueño considers that he has responded well to the tight schedule. Knowing your limits is a tool that a midfielder uses to recognize the moments when it is necessary to stop. When the body does not react well, there is a possibility to speak with coach Dado Cavalcante to avoid the worst.

– I react very well to the sequence of matches, with the intensity of matches. I manage to recover well from one match to the next, to the point that I have played many matches with Bahia this year. I intend to keep going, work hard, rest well, so I can always play, and help out. Knowing the difficulty is how many games we have this season. But always so that he is not on the field and is not in the best condition, so as not to hinder or harm the performance of the team. So knowing when to take your dose is important. It is his choice. Of course, with the athletes’ feedback, to find out the fuel percentage for the game. We have to talk a lot to figure out when it’s time to leave and make room for someone else.

– He’s really tired. Without a proper pre-season and splitting one season into another, the physical stress is very high. Games in a strong line, intense games. We really have to have the acumen to know when the body is asking for rest, so we don’t hurt the team, and to know when to rest. This is all being discussed with the Technical Committee, Physiology, so that we are 100% in the field. It’s a good streak to know when to avoid them and play – it’s over.

In the last round, against Chapecoense, Dado Cavalcante chose to leave Gilberto on the bench. The center attack was used only in the second half. Before, other pieces were already preserved.

Facing a period when game holders can’t play all the matches, Rodrigueno appreciates the spare parts available in the squad.

– We’ll really need everyone. Athletes know this. That is why those who do not play training often, therefore, when it is necessary to replace a teammate, they will be ready for it. It’s a long tournament, where many matches meet. You will need everyone. Everyone will run. We must have this knowledge.

In Wednesday’s match against Juventus, Bahia could once again be the “perfect attack”, as Rossi is available again after completing his third yellow card. The direction is for Tricolor to enter the field with Matheus Teixeira; Nino Paraiba, Luiz Ottavio, Juninho, and Matthew Bahia; Patrick De Luca, Daniel and Takeano; Rossi, Rodrigueño and Gilberto.

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