November 30, 2021


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Ricoh Introduces New Metal 3D Printing Technology At Formnext 2021

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. and Ricoh UK Products Ltd. It will present a new blasting technology for the metal binder at Formnext 2021. The technology, which was developed specifically for aluminum alloys, aims to enable the production of metal parts for end users using 3D printing.

Aluminum alloys are already widely used for metal parts. The solution developed by Ricoh creates a controlled production environment with the unique ability to produce aluminum parts not only in complex shapes, but also in the form of narrow tubes.

According to a Ricoh press release, Ricoh’s metallic binder jet technology helps reduce the weight of aluminum parts. Additionally, this is intended to enable improved heat dissipation from metal parts by achieving shapes that cannot be produced with current processing technologies. Productivity is also increased.

This technology is based on Ricoh’s industrial inkjet printhead technology, which has been developed over many years, enabling stable production of parts with complex shapes.

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